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Welcome to our BBQ Teams Page.

Here you will find some of the best BBQ teams that compete in Arizona and on our Arizona Triple Crown of BBQ Circuit.

If you would like to have your team displayed on here, please e-mail us your Team photo, Logo and Bio to

Next time you attend one of our great BBQ Cook-offs, make sure to stop by and say, "Hello" to all these great BBQ Teams, they all LOVE to talk BBQ.
Chief Cook: Mark Lindsey
Assistant Cooks: Dave Ginter, Steve Robinson, Eric Sorber, John Lindsey

Bio: Group of friends who thanks to AZBarbeque have gotten the Competition BBQ Bug and look forward to competing in our first contest and meeting all the other great teams and cooks coming to the event.
Chief Cook: Daniel Denton (wheels)
Assistant Cooks: Katie Denton & grandson Andres (Bubba) Buddy & Charlotte Denton, Sam & Delia Sanchez

Bio: Mule Barn BBQ & Feeding Co. (Formerly South Valley Smokers)
2903 El Corto DR SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105
Chief Cook: David Rosol
Assistant Cooks: Woman really in charge – Karyn Rosol
Box runners – Ryan and Zachary Rosol

Bio: Toys 4 BBQ’N is a family team based in Anthem, Arizona. The team is comprised of the husband and wife duo of David and Karyn, with the greatly appreciated assistance from our two boys Ryan (10) and Zachary (7). To us, BBQ is a family event.
Chief Cook: Darin "D-dog" Hearn
Assistant Cooks: Anyone I drag with me to the contest!!
Bio: We are all about cooking and having fun!

McFrankenboo BBQ
Chief Cook: Jim Frank
Assistant Cook: Erin Hagenbuch Frank

Bio: We are a husband and wife team from Glendale, AZ who have been BBQing for many years and competing for about 2 years. Rub the meat for good luck!
Chief Cook: Shellton Osborn
Assistant Cook: Bernie Huggins

Bio: swine time only been smoken for a few months, family, friends, neighbors, seem to like what we've concocted, so we decided to become involved with az bbq. YA'll know what time it is it's SWINE TIME............

Smokin Aces BBQ
Chief Cook: Kevin Hardin
Assistant Cooks: Wesley Jurena and Jared Jurena

Bio: Smokin Aces BBQ is the new competition team for the specialty caterer Smokin Aces BBQ serving a number of large Phoenix area restaurants, caterers and special events.
Chief Cook: Chad Collier
Assistant Cooks: Dwayne Collier/Matthew Soto/Steve Lare

Bio: Our Team is made up of family and friends all out to have a great time. We have all enjoyed queing for a number of years and love the opportunity to take a match to perfectly good piece of dry wood!
Chief Cook: Jason Edwards
Assistant Cooks: My wife, daughter and anyone else who shows up at the contest.

Bio: We are all about having fun, meeting new people and cooking some great BBQ. Check out our new line of BBQ Rubs and Sauces.
Chief Cook: Daniel
Assistant Cook: Alex

Bio: Nice Rack BBQ is a Family Operated Competition Team here in San Jose, Ca....We started out by cooking for friends and family about 5 years ago and decided to turn our passion and hobbie into a Business.. And to Compete in BBQ Competitions for Trophy's and Cash across California
Chief Cook: Sterling Smith (Smitty)
Assistant Cooks: Chris Rudhe, Susie Timm, Molly Smith, Coty Rudhe, Eric Butruff, Chris N., and Tina Hann

Bio: We are a BBQ team of family and friends out of Scottsdale, AZ who love to get together and enjoy great food and better company. We started competing in 2009 at the First Annual Prescott BBQ Days Competition. We look forward to competing more and meeting a lot of great people. We are sponsored by

Loot N' Booty BBQ

You'll Dig our Pig!!
Chief Cook: H. David Wood
Assistant Cooks: Jeff Calvert and Dan Waage

Bio: The BBQ Fool Competition Team was formed 2 years ago by Founding Fool David. We all have an intense passion for cooking great BBQ and take a fun approach to it. A Lawyer, a Financial Executive and School Administrator by trade we enjoy competing and learning here in our home state of Arizona. Our Philosophy is simple: "If is flies, swims, roams the earth or grows out of the ground, you can smoke it, grill it or char it and we do!!!".

Meatier Creator Chief Cook: Mark Motta
Assistant Cook: Dave Williams

Bio: Mark Motta and Dave Williams are the team known as Meatier Creator. Both are on the Board of Directors of the Arizona BBQ Association.
Chief Cook: Napoleon Bacerra

Bio: Poppa Naps BBQ is a first year family and friend operation that loves to BBQ and cook. After 30 fantastic years in the Education field, Poppa Nap is devoting his golden years to his other passion and love (BBQ-ing).
Chief Cooks: Ryan "Red" Softley and Erik "Cornbred" Gerharter

Bio: A couple of college buddies from NAU who are not that athletic. After the Olympic hopes went down the drain we decided to give bbq a try. A little help from an older brother and we are completely hooked on Competitive BBQ. Nothing too fancy about our team, hence the "Fiasco". Cold beer, lose morals, good bbq and better company. More sauce in the cooks than on the meat is our philosophy! Amongst the "Fiasco" you will likely see guest appearances by Stephanie "Britches" Sinner, Mike "Tiny" Johnson, Nick "Bruno" Brnilovich and Justin "Sloth" Gerharter.
Chief Cooks: Robert Gomez, Mike King
Assistant cooks: Kristin Gomez, Melissa King

Bio: Swimmin in Smoke is a team of friends and family coming together to compete in BBQ contests around the state. Our main goal is to cook good food, meet new friends and share our experiences with family and friends.

Oink County Cookers Chief Cook: Rex Root
Assistant Cooks: Mark Matson, Lu Root, Barb Matson

Thom and Kyles BBQ Chief Cook: Thom Emery
Assistant Cooks: Kyle Emery, La Ree Leach, Kathy Emery

Chief Cook: John Scott
Assistant Cook: Sharen Scott

Bio: We are a family operated full time BBQ food vendor, attending various fairs and festivals and catering special events. We love it when we can compete in a BBQ Cook Off too!
Chief Cook: Russell Brown
Assistant Cook: Crash DeJournett

Bio: Yabbadabbadoo!!!
Blakes BBQ Chief Cook: Mike Blake
Assistant Cooks: Rafeal Zavella, Dan Donner, Holly Blake, Jim Blake

Bio: We are a husband and wife team that has been cooking together for about 7 years. We have and cooked with Hombre, Mike's Dad as well as with some really good friends. We just like to have fun and see our BBQ Friends & Family. We enjoy the BBQ Competitions so much we just keep on going, so if ya see us stop by and chat with us about BBQ. We love to talk BBQ.
All Hogs go to Heaven Chief Cook: Steve Madaule
Assistant Cooks: Vince Madaule, Ardith Richardson, Ted Richardson

Bio: just a family team who likes cooking and eating
Chief Cook: Ron Baldwin
Assistant Cooks: Sherrie Baldwin, Mr. & Mrs. Joe T. and Sergio

Bio: Our team was created in September 2006 with 2 restaurants in the Valley. We needed to expand to the BBQ Community.

Current Team Achievements
10th place Ribs, 6th place Chicken at Lake Pleasant
G.C. Hoof and Foot 2007 Plus 1st place in all categories ...
6th place in AZ Comp Teams.
Looking forward to all upcoming events.
Heartland BBQ Chief Cook: Jim Gold
Assistant Cooks: Chris Gold, Sarah Gold, Nikki Miller

Bio: Heartland BBQ & Catering Company, of Avondale, Arizona offers, full service and off site catering, custom menus, corporate lunches, employee and private parties. We specialize in smoked, grilled, and roasted food items with a homestyle flair. We proudly service the Phoenix Metro area including Scottsdale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Glendale, Avondale,Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Buckeye.
Chief Cook: Marty Gibson
Assistant Cooks: Melanie Gibson, Jayne Cox, Stephen Cox, Chuck Eckert, Steve Sattler

Bio: We are a rag-tag team of friends and family. Our chief cook is a BBQ freak and the rest of us just like hanging around to watch him stress out during competitions. We've only been competiting for a little over a year but have had just enough success to keep us coming back.
BBQ Bullies Chief Cook: Tim Hoffman
Assistant Cooks: Teresa Hoffman, Ron Matthews, Julie Oconner, Robin Kenney,Don Kenney

Bio: BBQ Bullies have been competing for about a year now.We love BBQ and the competitions.We always look forward to meeting new people and making new friends on the competition circut.Some of our recent competition wins have been,2nd place in ribs,4th place in chicken, and 4th place in brisket at the Stagecoach music fest in Indio Ca.We finished 2nd place in chicken and 3rd place overall at the "BestDamBarbecue" in Boulder city Nv.
Chief Cook: Jay Benedict
Assistant Cooks: Monica Benedict

Bio: We are a husband and wirfe team from Mesa, Az. We love competition BBQ and the people involved on all sides of the sport.
Mr Smoker BBQ Chief Cook: Dick Lee
Assistant Cooks: Millie Lee, Jerry Lee, Marion Wood

Bio: Grand Champion-Queen Creek Rib Cookoff 2006
First Place Ribs-Az State Taylor 2006
3rd Place Brisket-Lake Pleasant 2006
3rd place Pork Loin-Buddy Stubbs
Chief Cook: Ken Hunting
Assistant Cook: Charla Hunting

Bio: Ken and Charla Hunting are from Phoenix, AZ. One Smoke Over the Line is sponsored by Gourmet Grills, dealer for Traeger
Pullin Pork BBQ Chief Cook: Keith Donbroky

Assistant Cooks: Julie Donbrosky, Debra Harkins, Jeff Schroer, Tatjana Odins, Heather Bear

Bio: Pullin Pork BBQ, Has been making happy mouths for nearly 3 years. When you see Big Red comin he will be Pullin Pork for sure.
Chief Cook: Mike Bridge
Assistant Cooks: Eve Bridge, Robert Bridge, Dayan Bridge, Jason Bridge, Dani Draper, Ellen Ryan

Bio: My name is Mike Bridge, chief cook for Team Delectable Q. We are a family of backyard BBQers some 15 years now and have been bitten by the bug called "Competition BBQ." We are currently based out of Peoria AZ. and look forward to mixing it up and making new friends at "The Duel In The Desert" See ya there!
Chief Cook: Chris Barnes
Assistant Cooks: Matt Burks, Rodney McClain, Walter Bell, Kevin Sotomayor and Ken Williams

Bio: We Smoke, BBQ and Grill Anything that Moves! We Kick.. Authentic Southwest Style
QN4U Chief Cook: Brent Walton
Assistant Cooks: Kim Walton, Kent Walton

Bio: We are QN4U from Clovis, Ca. We can't wait to beat the hell out of Otis and the Bird
Moonlight Cookers Chief Cook: Don Wright
Assistant Cooks: Linn Wright, Darrell Quiroz

Bio: BBQ Cooking Team from Houston, Texas specializing in competition, catering, parties, and having fun! See website
Bear bonez Chief Cook: David *Bear* Nunley
Assistant Cook: Cindy Nunley (more TBD hopefully)

Bio: Da Bearz =)
Big Dog BBQ Chief Cook: Ken Holmes
Assistant Cooks: Tom Melton, Verlene Heyen, Toni Young

Bio: Long-time novices
Chief Cook: Doug Montgomery
Assistant Cooks: Pete' Montgomery, Doug and Mary Anne Anderson, Tom and Raynelle Hunton

Bio: The Smokin' S'Wine BBQ team was formed in 2006. Our team is made up of three couples having a total of nearly 40 years of competitive BBQing experience. We are currently living in Media, PA, The Woodlands, TX and Scottsdale, AZ. We travel around the country using our equipment from the nearest team member to compete in BBQ events.

Our accomplishments over the past years as a part of a Memphis-based BBQ team include 15 Top-10 finishes at the Memphis-in-May World BBQ Championships, a 1st Place award at the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ Contest, 12 Grand Championships, 6 Reserve Grand Championships, and 48 1st Place finishes in various categories.

We have found there is nothing better than getting together on a weekend and cooking some great BBQ and enjoying some nice wine.
The Western Rebel Chief Cook: Todd Eves

Bio: The Western Rebel formally Team Simple Green
Smitty's Smoke Patrol Chief Cook: Darry Smith
Assistant Cooks: TBA

Bio: Team Bio = The Smoke Patrol is led by Santa Clara's Darry Smith. A SF Bay Area Big Green Egg dealer that uses a fleet of Big Green Egg ceramic cookers. This is the first full year on the competition trail and the Smoke Patrol as logged 4 top 10 finishes in it's first 8 events. We are excited to travel to Arizona to participate in this event.
Better Burnt BBQ Chief Cook: Kerry Leonard
Assistant Cook: Leslee Leonard

Bio: We are a local team that has just started.
Chief Cook: Gerhard Hilkemeyer
Assistant Cooks: Pat Linne, Doug Kirkland

Bio: Totally Que-Less is more than a competition barbeque team, it is a way of life. They look forward to increased visibility and opportunity for barbeque in AZ. These three brothers in law have been competing for 2 years, and remain, Totally Que-Less.
Sweet Peppers Chief Cook: Jim Ballog
Assistant Cooks: Adrian, Bev, Janet, Jay, Lanna, Judy, Mark

Chief Cook: Clay Cobb
Assistant Cook: Jo Cobb

Bio: Our restaurant has been open for about 6 years, and have only been competing for a few years. Awards 3rd place in ribs & chicken Clovisfest 2006 & four 1st place for our chicken wings.
155 South Bar-B-Q Chief Cook: Bram Britcher
Assistant Cook: Matthew Brailey

Bio: A couple of backyard cooks from San Jose, California in their 2nd year of competition. '07 West Coast BBQ Championships Grand Champion. '07 Shake, Rattle, and Smoke! Reserve Grand Champion. 155 will represent the State of California at "The Jack" this October in Tennessee.
Taste Bud's BBQ Chief Cook: Les "Bud" Garner
Assistant Cooks: Liz Garner, Leslee Garner, Boston Bill, Rob Biggerstaff.

Bio: We've been cooking good BBQ for about 20 years and competing for about 6 years. We founded the New Mexico BBQ association and compete throughout the southwest.
Chief Cook: Ryan Nickle
Assistant Cooks: Matt Doty, Mike Perez, Joel Nickle, Bernice Nickle, Ruth Nickle, Judy Nickle

Bio: Our Company is a General Civil Eng. Contracting Company. Our main business is building city parks for local municipalities. We cook lunch after each project for the owners, which always consist of some sort of BBQ item. We are not professionals cookers, but we love it as a hobby and our clients like it as well. Thus we were encouraged to enter by others. southwest.
Chief Cook: Max Montano
Assistant Cooks: Francis and Clarice Montano, Robert, Betty, Ray, Tony, Tresa, Thresa

Bio: 2nd Year competing, out having a good time and making some good food.
Chief Cook: Jason Fisher
Assistant Cooks: Lacey Fisher, Derrick Fisher

Bio: Rookie team constisting of head cook Jason Fisher. Team mates Lacey Fisher and Derrick Fisher.
Chief Cook: Robert A. Diaz
Assistant Cooks: Dewey, Isreal, Dave and Dennis

Bio: TOPS BBQ consists of friends and family recruited to help in the madness of competition BBQ. Man, they never knew what hit them. But now they're loving it. We're about making new friends, learning new tricks of the trade and competing for trophies, a little cash and bragging rights until the next contest.
Glazed and Confused in Gilbert Chief Cook: Robert Gomez
Assistant Cooks: Kristin Gomez, Colton Gomez, Haley Gomez

Bio: We are a husband and wife team started in 2011. We enjoy cooking with our family and friends at home or on the road. We hope to keep improving on our standings and making new friends in 2012
Cooks: Rafael Sanchez, Hector Diaz, Tim Wickis

Bio: A group of friends from AZ who enjoy getting together and creating delicious food on the grill.

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