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Term Definition
ABT’s Atomic Buffalo Turds, smoked peppers stuffed/wrapped with whatever a cook desires
Baby back ribs Ribs cut from the top of the pig's rib cage between the spine and the spare ribs
Baste To moisten periodically with a liquid
BAT’s Big Ass Trophies, trophies that usually signify a high finish in a BBQ competition
BDS Big Drum Smoker, a cooker made from an oil-style drum
Beer A malt beverage that helps cooks stay hydrated
BGE Big Green Egg, see Ceramic Cooker
Briquettes Pre-formed, commercial charcoal
Bullet A type of vertical smoker, WSM's, Pro Q's and Brinkmans fall into this category
Burnt Ends Cubed up pieces of the brisket point that are cooked a bit longer than the rest of the brisket
Call (see Walk) An announcement at a BBQ competition Awards ceremony that means your team placed
CBBQA California Barbeque Association
Ceramic Cooker A cooker that is made from ceramic, terra cotta or other materials. Popular brands include the Kamodo and the Big Green Egg (BGE)
Chief Cook The main cook for a Competition BBQ team, see Head Cook
Chimney A tool used to light charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal
Collagen The proteins that converts to gelatin over a long, slow cook
Cook 1) A person that BBQ’s food
2) An individual cooking session
Cooker Any type of contraption used to smoke meat (See Pit)
Cooking Log A journal that a cook keeps to document their individual cooks
DAL Dead Ass Last, this term could be used in a particular meat category or in reference to an overall finish
DQ Disqualification
Dry Rub A dry spice concoction that is applied to meats prior/during/after cooking
ECB El Cheapo Brinkman, a cheaper version of the backyard, bullet-style cookers
Fatty A rolled up sausage concoction that is smoked, recipes variations are endless
FEC Fast Eddie Cooker, a cooker made by Smokeshack
Firebox The area on a cooker where fuel is burned
Foil The act of wrapping food in foil while cooking (see Texas Crutch)
GC Grand Champion, the overall first place winner at a BBQ competition
Grilling A type of cooking using dry heat above or below the meat
Head Cook The main cook for a competition BBQ team (see Chief Cook)
IBCA International Barbecue Cookers Association
Injection A liquid concoction that is injected into meats, usually prior to smoking
Kamado See Ceramic Cooker
KCBS Kansas City Barbeque Society
Kingsford A popular charcoal used by many cookers
Liquid Smoke Mike’s secret ingredient
Lump Charcoal Wood that has been burned down into charcoal for use as a cooking fuel
Marinade A liquid mixture in which meat is soaked before cooking
Marinate To soak in a marinade
Minion Method A technique that adds lit coals to unlit coals for a longer cook time
Mod Modification, usually in reference to modifying a smoker
Money muscle The small strip of loin meat that is on the opposite side of the blade bone
Mop A liquid that is applied to meats while smoking
Offset A type of cooker that has the firebox set apart from the cooking surface
Packer Brisket A large piece of meat with two distinct muscles, the Point and the Flat
Pit Any type of contraption used to smoke meat (See Cooker)
Pit Bitch 1) The person that keeps a competition BBQ team focused and on task
2) A person that assists a BBQ team during competition
Pit Master An experienced BBQ cook
Pro Q A line of bullet-style cookers that are made in the UK
Proclamation A formal announcement that makes information publicly available
Reindeer Turds A variation of ABT’s
RGC Reserve Grand Champion, the second place finisher at a BBQ competition
Rib rack A tool that allows multiple racks of ribs to fit onto a smoker
RMBBQA Rocky Mountain Barbeque Association
Seagulls The public that attend BBQ competitions looking for free food
Searing Cooking over high, direct heat in order to seal in juices
Seasoned wood Wood that has been properly dried out after cutting
Slather A dry rub that has moisture added to it, similar to a wet rub
Smoke ring The pink ring that permeates properly smoked meats
Smoke Wood Any type of wood added to a lit cooker to impart a smoky flavor
Smoking A method of cooking food using wood to impart a smoky flavor
Spare ribs Ribs taken from the belly side of the rib cage, meatier than babybacks
Stick burner A cooker that primarily generates heat by burning wood
Stoker A device that controls your cooker temperatures by using a blower to stoke the heat source
Temp Temperature
Texas Crutch The act of wrapping food in foil during a cooking session (see Foil)
Thermapen A thermometer that can register internal meat temperatures in seconds
Thermometer If you don’t know what this is, slam your head in the door repeatedly
ToY Team of the Year, an award given by a particular asscociation to the team that cooks best in a given year
UDS Ugly Drum Smoker, a cooker made from an oil-style drum
Walk (see Call) An announcement at a BBQ competition Awards ceremony that means your team placed
Water Pan A pan used in bullet-style cookers that acts as a buffer between the heat source and the meat
Water smoker A smoker that has a pan used to hold water inside the cooking chamber
Wet rub A dry rub that has moisture added to it, similar to a slather
WSM Weber Smokey Mountain, one of the most popular backyard bullet-style cookers

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