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I have two 22.5" WSM with a GURU and Stoker. I have read several articles that state the temperature reading on the lid is typically on average 25 degrees hotter than when measured at the cooking grate. Both units, with the temperature probe mounted on the cooking grate from either the GURU or Stoker and also temperature readings from a Maverick 732 taken at the grate level, show that the temperature is 20 -25 degrees hotter at the cooking level than at the lid. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Any guidance would be appreciated.
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Are you sure that the lid therm is correct??  I would trust the Stoker or guru probes more, but I always check the calibrations on all my gauges.

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I definitely would double check it. That's doesn't sound right at all
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Thanks. I'll check them both. I didn't think that both units could be wrong and have the same temperature difference.
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I haven't cooked on a WSM in years, but cook on Pro Q's weekly.  They are very similar products.  Our dome temp consistently runs 20-30 degrees cooler than the grate level temp. 

Grate thermo (Stoker) - 250
Dome thermo - 225

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Thanks, that's what I've been coming up with also. I just checked both lid gauges and they are accurately set. I was concerned due to the fact that most articles you read tell you the opposite. What is the temperature difference between your lower grate and upper grate? I haven't checked yet on mine just curious to see what others experience's are before I do.

Thanks all for your help.
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I'm using the Pro Q Excel 20's.  Very similar to the WSM 22's.  My top grate runs about 20 degrees cooler than my bottom grate.

So from dome temp on down:
260 (ish) on dome thermo
280 (ish) on top grate
300 (ish) on bottom grate

Honestly, it's simple physics really.  What level will be hotter, the one closer to the fuel source or the one farther away?  Sometimes we overthink these things, did it for years.

Oh yeah, if your using liquid in the water pans, consider aborting that idea.  It's another physics thing.  ;) 

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