PK Grill - Anyone used one?

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I have an Oklahoma Joe's offset (Lowe's version, a little better than the Walmart one) that I use for smoking, obviously but use the firebox for grilling since I offloaded my combo propane/charcol Nexgrill (garbage) a few months ago.

I'm looking for a simple charcoal grill under $500 that'll last me for several years as a solid backyard grill.

I noticed the competitive steak guys use PK Grills:

Anyone used one? Any alternatives to this you'd recommend? Lastly, anyone have something like this they are selling? Looking to buy soon.
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To me, nothing does steaks like a ceramic cooker. You can sear it hot and then shut er down to dwell for a few minutes for the juiciest steaks ever. I have 3 Kamados, but that company went out of biz a few years back. BBQ Island has different kinds of ceramic cookers like the Big Green Eggs. You can see a bunch of them in action at their Turkeyfest on Saturday, Nov. 14. I'll be cooking out there, as will several other AZ Barbeque folks.
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Mark Motta
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Just wanted to update this for anyone cruisin' the forum later...I purchased a PK and have used it twice already for steaks. At $369, it seems like the absolute best buy for a charcol grill under $500. What sold me is 3 things:

1) design has been the same since 1952 (so it obvously works)
2) it's portable (tailgates, camping, competitions, etc.)
3) rust proof - so it'll probably be the last charcol grill I ever buy and it'll be a heirloom to my children who will celebrate the magnificent meat that was born on this grill

So far, it's great. It holds heat like a champ and I've had it up to 650 degrees without a problem. The "grate grills" are awesome for searing and infrared cooking. It hasn't produced the best steak I've ever had yet - but I think I'll get there with it.

For anyone looking to order one, I bought one online using the special promo on a Wednesday, it shipped the same day and I got it first thing Saturday morning.

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