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Who would have thought it was so easy but thanks to the Arizona Republic here is their best!
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I told a co-worker to try a very similar recipe. She was expecting guests and asked me for an easy way to make pulled pork. This very nice lady never cooked and rarely ate (she made Nancy Reagan looked like Roseanne) so I told her to take her crockpot, put a pork roast in it with a can of Dr Pepper and a bottle of BBQ sauce. Plug it in and leave it all day. She came back raving about it. :-\
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Surprisingly, the best recipe for kalua pork that I have yet to find is also simple and uses the crock pot.  Rock salt, liquid smoke and pork butt are the only ingredients.  Rub butt with LS and then the rock salt.  Throw in a crock pot and cook until finished.

While crock pot cookery isn't what a lot of us are used to, it can be a very simple and tasty meal at times.
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Crash....i love the crock pot!  Whew.... there I said it, I feel better now that's off my chest.
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