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The Kids Q for this event is as follows:

We are still looking to secure a sponsor for this portion of the event, so these rules could change slightly with the addition of a sponsor, so check back as we get closer to see where we are.

The Kids have to turn in one entry with enough food for 6 Judges.

The entry MUST be cooked on site at the event by the Kid.  Parents are encouraged to work with their kids & oversee the cooking & prepping, but we really want the kids to be the ones doing this so we can get our future BBQers excited about these events.

There is NOT any set meat or category, we are leaving this one wide open to let the Kids choose what they want to cook.  This way, they can get creative & cook something that they actually enjoy.

They will turn in their entry at 3 pm at the Judge's Tent.  There should be enough for 6 Judges, but it does NOT have to be in 6 individual plates.  The Kid must be able to carry the turn in by themselves.

The Kids will actually present their entry to the Judges & explain why they chose this dish & what they did for prep & cooking, so make sure they are ready for that.  The Parent may be there during turn in (It's a great Photo Op).

This Category is FREE to any Kid who's parent is competing in the event with a registered Team.  We encourage all of your Kids to participate.

Sign up for this event will be when you check in at the site on Friday, but no later than the Cook's Meeting at 5 pm on Friday.  We need to know how many Judges to keep around for this category.

Good Luck to all the Kids, have fun with this category & we look forward to seeing our Future Grand Champion BBQers having fun.

Judging Criteria is based on Appearance, Taste, Creativity & Explanation.
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Jimmy and Saylor are in!
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