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The PIT BARREL COOKER is the best selling DRUM COOKER on the market for cooking RIBS, BRISKET, TRI TIP, SALMON, BRATS, VEGETABLES etc. It's the closest charcoal cooker you can get to "set it and forget it" and is a variation of the UGLY DRUM SMOKER. With the PIT BARREL COOKER you hang the the meat on hooks and the cooker does the rest. It functions like a convection oven but with wood smoke flavor. 
I have ONE too many cookers - Lang Wood Smoker, Weber 22.5, Smokey Joe, Coleman Stove, built in BBQ and flat griddle on a 2 burner stove. I purchased the PBC to use with our MH but we're not getting that much use out of our motor home in this hot weather and Covid 19 condition so the PBC has got to go.
PIT BARREL COOKERS retail for $350.00 including shipping. Check out their web site ( for details and read the reviews. My unit comes with a cover and attached fold down shelf. The selling price is $150.00.
Don Gillette
Tucson, AZ

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