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Weber Pizza Oven?

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 I have never known weber to make a bad product. I was just looking at the same thing. A firecraft catalog was included with this months bullsheet and the pizza oven caught my eye. I guess it is expensive for an add on...maybe...It's a sight cheaper than a traditional brick or clay pizza oven which in kits run $1k and up. I can see one of these being added to my grill in the near future. Especially since making pizza has been a project I have been working on lately. In fact I have just about used up my king arthur high gluten flour and need to try caputo 00 flour. I have been doing a 24 hour cold fermentation rise on the dough. It comes out ok, but the the oven only goes to 500 deg and not getting the results I would really like.
#4 - May 17, 2012, 05:55:27 am
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Kind of expensive but looks very interesting. Hmmmmmmmmm?
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So I'm in the middle (actually more towards the end) of buying a house, so naturally I'm planning what all I'm going to need to outfit my backyard already!  One of my dreams is to have a real pizza oven at some point, but that will be down the road.  Pizza on the grill works except for the fact that you lose all the heat from everything except the stone when you open the grill to put the pizza in.  This causes the pizza to cook through before browning appropriately because all of the heat is on the bottom (yes, I know...I'm a pain in the butt about things like this).  Anyway, I was trying to come up with something I could rig that would work, and then I saw this:

Has anyone on here used something like this before?  I think this is a great idea and may solve my problem...just curious if anyone might have any info on this or something similar.  Thanks!
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