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Well my Pro Q has treated me well but I traded up to a 22.5" WSM.  Have yet to fire it up and season it.  Next week I am cooking 6 whole butts for the wife's family reunion.
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Congrats! Please post photos of your first cook on it, if you can.
#2 - August 06, 2015, 07:34:36 pm
Mark Motta
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Well I seasoned the grill first then did the 6 whole butts, 48 total #s worth. 

The grill can be run with 2 bottom vents closed and the 3rd part way.  The top varied from open to half closed to maintain the same temps as the Pro Q.

The probe port worked well for the Maverick ET-73.

I was contemplating a Cajun Bandit door, but wonder if it is really needed.
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