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To start off, I am a newbie to the world of BBQ. I am getting ready to cook on my WSM for the second time. I had good results the first time with a pork shoulder, but I have a question about monitoring the temperature. My first smoke I used an oven thermometer placed on the grate, a probe thermometer through the top vent, and the thermometer that is built in to the top of the smoker. The measured temperatures were vastly different between the three. The oven thermometer would be at 200 F, the probe at 235 F, and the weber thermometer at 270 F. So, I guess my questions are a)does it matter just as long as the temp is around 225 F - 250 F and b)if it does matter, what are some suggestions on recording an accurate temp.
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Google "wsm temp eyelet mod" and you should find some info on how to add an eyelet to your WSM.  Add the eyelet at grate level and use a Maverick ET 72 (or 73) to monitor your temps. 

The temps on bullet smokers will fluctuate from top to bottom, so it is best to monitor your temp at the level that your meat is on.

You also might want to check for a very in depth discussion on all things WSM related.

Good luck and ask questions when they come up.
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Just ordered the eyelet. Thanks for the link to the virtual weber bullet site. They recommend testing the thermometer in boiling water to check for accuracy, so I am going to do that to test my probe thermometer. 
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A 35 degree difference between grate and lid sounds about right, which would mean the Weber included thermometer is way off. Which also sounds about right! I have the Taylor Tru Temp digital thermometer, and I'm quite happy with them. They're about $15...|B0001BFJ54&CPNG=kitchen&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B0001BFJ54&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001
I just read thru the 1 star reviews...I have 3 of this model, one of the larger version including timer. I have 1 probe that won't read below 47 F, but seems accurate above that. One probe seems to have stopped--after at least a year--and I've nicked the silicone sheath on the hole in my UDS on 2 of the probes. I contacted Taylor, and they replied rapidly, saying replacement probes are only $5. Some of these people seem out of touch with reality...these read up to 392. They won't read your oven's temp when you're baking at 450. They will certainly stop working properly if the probe tip lays on the heating element. I don't know who is washing what in a sink full of water, but I don't submerge my probes. I just scrub the ends clean. The silicone sheath has withstood the heat of my UDS and my offset, and even stood up to having the door of my offset closed upon it. Regularly. It doesn't care for sharp edges, surprisingly. (sarcasm!) And you can buy 3 or 4 for the price of a maverick. Ya don't get a remote alarm at that price. But one of the 1* reviews claimed it doesn't have an alarm. DOES TOO!
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Sorry I'm so wordy today. I'm worse than usual!! Good luck with your WSM!
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I use a Taylor candy therm I bought at a restaurant supply house for under 6 bucks. Thru the WSM exhaust vent, long probe. I use it to verify the ET-73 grate temp, because I don't trust electronic therms. They are cheap and reliable, but are only used as a backup. In a pinch, I wouldn't have a prob using them in comp, no more than 5 degrees off top grate temp. I have several spares, and never need batteries!!

Like Dave, i've found Taylor brands to be the best value for the $$.
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Unlike Dave, he only took a few lines to tell us...
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