Would You come to an IBCA BBQ event in Silver City, N.M. This time next year?

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In the interest of making sure you guys want to come up, we are lowering the entry fee to $100 for Saturday's BBQ categories, and increasing the total purse to $6,000. 
Friday will be set up, meat inspection and judging for enchiladas and green chile stew, and are not part of the GC or RC.  Friday will have a separate entry fee of $60 for both categories or $40 for one category.  Or do both days, all five categories, a chance to win $3,250, for just $125.
And we are making this a little easier with just three meats, chicken, pork spare ribs, and brisket.  Each category will have a $500 first prize and its own sponsor, including the Grand Champion. Second prize and Reserve Champion in all categories will be $250.
   Cookers who are entered in just Saturday's meat categories may be eligible to judge Friday's enchilada and green chile categories.  Single one item entry on Saturday $50
There will be an 80/20 split for vendors.  Double ticket. First New Mexico Bank will run the ticket booth and be a major sponsor.
Here's a possible prize schedule...$500, $250, $100, $75, $50, $25
Pay through sixth place in five categories, Plus $500 GC, $250 RC, and $250 people's choice.   That's exactly $6,000.
Reactions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms welcome.....Coming?
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Sounds fantastic.  I'm in for sure...  Great job putting this all together..
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