Old World Brewery BBQ Cook Off

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Wood Chuck

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Something happened to the original post, no reply button. So I started another one.

Had a few questions about the event so I'll try to answer those questions here.

1. Sauce Contest: Sauce contest is optional, teams will provide a sample in a cup (provided) and will be judged separately from the ribs. The only ingredient requirement is to use Old World Brewery's Dark Knight Porter beer (provided) in your recipe. Any thing else is up to the cooks.

2.  Electric: Electric is available, I would bring an extention cord (as long as you have) in case you need it. I have 3 50 footers I'm bringing to help.

3. Ribs are being judged on taste and taste only. How teams sauce or don't sauce their ribs is up to you. Judges will probably be everyday people you might have at your house for a BBQ.

4. Arrival: Unfortunately there is only one entrance inside the fenced in area where the contest is being held.  Teams will need to park in the parking lot and carry stuff in so plan accordingly. Should only be no more than a 100 foot walk.

5. Spaces big enough for 2 12x12 awnings.

6. 10 teams signed up so far, 2 spaces left.

7.  Remember this is a backyard BBQ event, meant to have fun and enjoy BBQ the way is was meant to be enjoyed. So have fun needle each other, the teams that participated last year already started the trash talking. Also will have a live band noon-7.
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When and where?  I am moving  back very soon
#2 - April 17, 2014, 06:46:56 pm
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Just some big heavy offset right now.

smokey bros bbq

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More info when and where?
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Very fun event today. Free craft beer all day lond for the teams from Ols World Brewery. Congrats to Chuck Wood for first place ribs. Can't wait till next year.
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Wood Chuck

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Thank you Rick.
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