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Hello! This is my first time posting so I figured I'd tell you a bit about myself. I live in Tucson, AZ. I got my first true smoker last year for Father's Day, a Pit Boss 1100 pro Series. I absolutely love it! (I know, I know, the stick burners will mock me, I'm ok with that). I am now the BBQ king in my family and neighborhood.

I've always loved grilling. I have tried roasting ribs in the oven and then searing them on the grill. They were good but now that I've learned what true Q is, it's the only way to go. I HAVE THE BBQ ITCH! So much so that my friend and I are entering our first competition in Show Low. I am even considering quitting my full time job and becoming a professional BBQer if all goes well.

With that said, a couple of questions if you please.

1) Any competition tips you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
2) Competition thighs, scrape the skin or no?

I'm sure I'll have more as I practice and try different techniques.

It's a pleasure to be among friends and I look forward to meeting you.
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