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  • Fill the Boot Charity Event: December 03, 2016

Glendale Fire Department's Fill The Boot Charity Event

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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AZBarbeque is teaming up with the Glendale Fire Department for this year's Fill The Boot Charity event.

It is their Annual Holiday Toy Drive

AZBarbeque will be onsite donating & serving our great food from 6 pm until ???

We are looking to see if anyone would like to join us to help out (Set up, Cook, Serve & Clean up)

If you are interested in donating some food as well for us to cook, that would be greatly appreciated.  Also any donations of rubs, pans, foil, etc.

We are planning on the following menu:

Pulled Pork Sliders, Mini BBQ Sundaes, our Holiday Array of Meatballs (6 Different Meatballs), Apple Crisp/Cobbler and possibly Tri Tip Sliders.

Date:        SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2016 AT 6:00PM - ??
Location:   Glendale, AZ (Exact address will be e-mailed to you.)                            
Admission:       1 UNWRAPPED TOY PER FAMILY  (If you are working with us, they will waive this, but we encourage you all to bring one anyway, it's for a great cause.)
The evening includes:   Santa, homemade ice cream (yes he's back), lots of food (Fajitas, BBQ & lots of dips & fun), come hungry.
New this year, we will be selling arm bands for the alcohol. It will be $10.00 per person for an arm band.  You just need to show the arm band to the bartenders when ordering your drinks.  The $10.00 will be donated to the Glendale Firefighters Charities.

If you are interested in being a part of this great, fun event, please let us know.

It should be a great, fun & tasty time.  I know they typically have a lot of local celebrities attend, heck, I'll be there.  

Don't miss out, let us know if you want to help out.

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Michael J. Reimann
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Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to give a few more details for the upcoming Toy Drive to benefit the Glendale Firefighters Charities.  Since 2001 the firefighters of Glendale have collected toys and donations at the K-Mart at 67th Ave and Bell during the first two weekends in December. All of the items that are collected are taken to a central location in Glendale and then divided up to be distributed to needy families in Glendale.  Last year over 2200 families benefited from this event.  All of this is done with off-duty firefighters and families and remains in Glendale. With the closing of K-Mart the Glendale Firefighters Charity Toy Drive has moved to the Target at 43rd Ave and Peoria.  Now on to the Bob and Bev Ream Annual Christmas Party to benefit the Glendale Firefighters Toy Drive.

This event is not sponsored by or endorsed by the Glendale Fire Department or the City of Glendale. This is an event that is hosted by a family that lives in Glendale who for years has put on an annual Christmas party and the only requirement was that you bring an unwrapped toy and some cash to donate to make Christmas a bit better for deserving families in Glendale.  This family with it's core of volunteers has put this event on for years and donates 100% of everything collected to our Toy Drive.  The Ream's Christmas Party is a huge success and is a hit each year with those that attend and volunteer. The undertaking of the food alone is a long process that is done on-site by the Ream's and their friends. This year I approached Mike (AZBarbeque) and asked if he could talk with Bev about maybe setting up and doing some BBQ to limit some of the work they have to do. Of course what did Mike do....he went in and has offered to donate all the food, service and supplies to this event.  There could be in excess of 800 people that come and go throughout the evening. This is a very informal event that is attended by everyone from neighbors to sports celebrities. There is usually a few neat hot rods and an antique fire truck. There is a silent auction (last year had some incredible signed sports memorabilia) and raffles.  In the past there was an open bar and that will continue this year with the exception of a donation of $10 which will be also donated to the toy drive.  All of the food, drinks, auction items and raffle items are either paid for by the host or by donations by members of the business community. 

This event is a huge part of the success we have in our community to trying  to meet the demand of those in need.  I have been a Glendale firefighter since 1988 and I have personally seen the impact this has on our community. Just last year, a couple of days before Christmas my fire unit ran on a 14 year old girl who was developmentally disabled since birth who was having a medical issue. When we arrived the girl had already passed away and the family was devastated.  This was in a very low income area and as we were working with the family we noticed there was nothing under the tree and the house had only the bare necessities. It is through the donations from this party that we were able to go back to the station, develop a list of needs for the family and children and coordinate with our charity  to "adopt" this family for Christmas.  We were able to provide toys for the rest of the siblings, some basic household items for Mom and Dad, and even arrange for reduced funeral expenses for the burial of their daughter. 

I am now asking that if anyone can donate any time on Sat Dec 3rd to assist Mike with cooking, serving or donating supplies and food for this event it would be appreciated more than I can relay in this email.  This event will be a blast to work or get involved in.

If anyone has any larger items they would like to donate to the silent auction or raffle I can see if I can still get it put in. The Glendale Firefighters Charities is a 503c non-profit and can provide a receipt for the larger donations.

If you can help out THANK YOU.  Hopefully see some of you at the party. If not I hope to meet the rest of you at the Good Sam  BBQ Showdown at PIR.
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Get A Clue BBQ

Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Hey all, this event is this Saturday and we could really use some help if you are available.

Our menu is simple, but all the help we can get with it is much appreciated.

BBQ Sundae consisting of:
Pulled Pork
BBQ Beans
Cole Slaw

Assorted Meatballs (Moink Balls, BBQ, Swedish, Sweet & Hot, etc)

Tri Tip Sliders

If you are able to donated any meats, sides, paper products or time to help, we would greatly appreciate it.

There will be some great auctions, other food, appetizers, entertainment & drinks out at the event.

Come help us help others during the holidays.

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Michael J. Reimann
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Hey Mike;
    My wife and I are going to attend the Loot'n Booty'n BBQ class that is in Scottsdale Dec. 3. And you said exact address would be mailed to you. Any chance we can get the address and try to attend after the class?      Thxs.  Bobby
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Actually here is the info for anyone interested in joining us.
Here is the address for Saturday's event.

6510 W Aster Dr
Glendale, AZ 85304
Time:  6 pm until - ??
Admission is 1 unwrapped toy per family.
If you want to drink, it's a $10 donation per person for the wristband.  Then all drinks are Free.
Food & non alcoholic drinks are complimentary.

Hope to see some of you out there.
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Michael J. Reimann
Realtor - Clients First Realty (Real Job) -
Owner/President - AZBarbeque - #1 BBQ Club in Arizona
Owner/Pitmaster - AZBarbeque Catering -

If God wanted us to be Vegetarians, why did he make animals out of meat??


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