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  • ASU vs. UofA: November 30, 2013

ASU vs. UofA

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Actually if Denker stopped throwing the ball and just kept running it or giving it to Ka'deem they would have faired a lot better. It is tough when your offense relies on only 2 players!

Also - what is up with both of our teams jersey's this year? If ASU wore their Black helmets it would have looked 10 times better than the white/black mix and don't get me started on the Wildcats...those are probably the worst lookin' helmets in college football!
Denker gave it his all....not even a call from a D3 school, he's a good kid, huge heart. These are still Stoops' kids. We'll see as Rich Rod's recruits come thru. UA was not a deep team, I think they did as well as expected. Ka'deem is a beast, but not great life choices. I imagine he's on his way to the NFL. ASU Kelly and Foster are talented indeed. It's a good squad that seems to have good focus, Stanford will be a test to see how they have developed as a team.

As for the uni's, I love the copper helmets. Hate the clothes portion. Why does ASU and UA think the bleeding numbers color scheme looks good? Damn....hope they change that part. The ASU all white looks good, the mix is a bit strange. Nike is spreading their talent a little too thin I guess. It's hard not to see Sparky on the helmet. That's all we ever knew.

Good luck Sun Devils. It's a squared away team, and you've got talent. I won't be rooting for you (just can't bring myself to it), but I think you can cause some damage to Stanford and the bowl game. Still, GO CARDINAL. >:D
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I hear ya Dan - We are still playing with Erickson's recruits. Graham has done an amazing job turning Erickson's thugs into a disciplined team!

You are right - Stanford will be our toughest game this season so far...At least we will be playing at home this time!

I still can't get over the copper helmets with the red, white, and blue "A" - It just looks out of place and tacky. If the "A" was a different color it would look a lot better.

This game is Huge for Sun Devil fans! A win and it's all Roses! A loss and we are probably in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. Either way it's much better than whatever second rate bowl the Cats squeaked thier way into.

Rich needs to tell Denker that if he even thinks about passing he's going back to the fry station at Eegee's! Just run the ball or give it to Carey!!

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