Wildcats Again Win State Farm Territorial Cup Series

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One more point was sewn up with the Golf tourney in Palo Alto, so the current 9.5 to 6.5 lead is insurmountable for the sundevils.

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That's a shocker!! I'm sure Sun Devils will chime in about how it was unfair, inaccurate, or????? It's not enough you have twice the enrollment, but you get punked again by your little brother to the south. And i'm sure "Force" will speak about how dominating the wrestling team is again, being that he prefers mens wrestling to womens volleyball (his words not mine). Maybe how "Force" thinks baseball is a real sport. Don't you need real athletes to be a real sport? Oh well....GO CATS!!

Spork on Sun Devils. At least you got that really scary uniform now! I saw the press photos of the athletes in the new uni's, w/ the smoke billowing out. NICE!! You guys are better already. All style and no's a new ASU slogan, "The Metro-Sexual of Universities".  I'll confess, Mark seems to be the king of advertising and catchy phrases, but i'm just throwing it out there.

Come on, just kidding guys, don't get mad, just kidding.
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