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UA has produced some high paid players...just behind UNC and Duke.
#1 - February 09, 2012, 06:46:25 am
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That is impressive. What a great recruiting tool. It shows how much salaries have escalated when Sean Elliot and Steve Kerr are so far down the list. I'm not sure who I would have guessed would top the list, but it wouldn't have been Bibby.

By the way, he went to high school a couple miles away from me. I used to go to his Old Man's dive bar at Tower Plaza in central Phoenix...Henry Bibby's Slam Dunk Lounge. O0 It had a big window looking out on the ice rink, right behind the goal. It would scare the crap out of you what a slap shot would come at you. He probably made a lot of money on spilled drinks. :D
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