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There are a few reasons, in theory, why Graham will stay.

#1. His rep for jumping ship has caught up with him. He has to stay put for a while. And if he can turn around ASU's program, he will take ownership of it. He is ready to build his legacy. What better place than the biggest school in the country? One drawback to ASU's attendance is that metro Phoenix is one of the few places in the Country with competition from all four professional sports leagues. They are not the only game in town.

#2. Graham's in-laws live here and his wife and kids really love living here and are tired of bopping around.

#3. His job is to court alumni money and he attended something like 150 meet & greets, luncheons and speeches in his first 100 days. He has done a masterful job of channeling his inner "Frank Kush" by returning to Camp Tontozona, bringing in Kush to speak to the team and interact with the fan base. Famous past Sun Devils are applauding it and re-embracing the program with gusto.

#4. He has accomplished his first big goal of capturing the Territorial Cup, something he had spoken of as priority #1 since the day he was hired. He also got a juicy bonus for doing so.

#5. Getting to a bowl was another goal set by the university, and yes, another bonus.

#6. Nike has embraced the program, making ASU its second experimental makeover. We've all seen what they have done for the Oregon program. Right or wrong, it's all about the bling for many prospects these days.

#7. All this culminates into a $300 million re-do of Sun Devil Stadium, turning one of the already most distinctive venues in the country (nestled between two desert mountains) into a much more user-friendly facility (aka cooler) with a one-of-a-kind open air roof. Add in a dazzling training facility, and you have the kind of lure to attract top notch prospects. Graham has repeatedly stated that one of his top goals is to get the best players in the state to want to stay and play for ASU.

#8. ASU President Michael Crow realizes a lot is at stake and brought in a new dynamic Athletic Director to shake things up. Crow is a very smart guy with a big ego and is obsessed with doing things right. He has put his reputation on the line.

#9. Graham is well-compensated. He is the second highest paid coach in the PAC-12 and 13th in college football. Oregon's Chip Kelly is #9. RichRod is #58.

All that said, the proof will be in the pudding. I'm looking forward to seeing how both ASU and UA's program grow under new leadership. In the end, it good for the entire state of Arizona if both programs flourish.
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All great points Mark, thanks for the info.  I think Graham will be at ASU for a while....especially based on point #1.

I do see good things in the ASU football future (not happy about it though), and the UofA football future as well.

Bear Down!  Let's get on to basketball!
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Roll Tide!

Talk about hijacking a thread!!!! :mad:
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all time series records with asu (as of 12/1/2012)

football: 47-38-1 arizona
basketball: 142-80 arizona
baseball: 237-203-1 arizona


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Roll Tide? He's talking filet mignon while the rest of us are arguing which cut of chuck is better than the other..

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