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I went to the game yesterday to see how good they really are and I have to say they really need some work to compete in the PAC-10. I do like the quick pass offence it kinda works with Willies style. All in all good game and 2-0 is always a good start

#1 - September 07, 2008, 05:13:44 pm
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Yea, that has to be a great confidence booster for the team, but Willie is notorious for choking in the Pac-10 play, so hopefully he can overcome that this season.

Over 100 points in the first 2 games though, I believe that's a record for UofA.

Great job..
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I have heard some analysts talking about Tui and they said he has a million dollar arm and a ten cent head. The guy can throw the ball with the best of them but he still makes bad decisions. Maybe he and Rudy can form a support group! ;D ;D ;D 
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