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I'm gonna be smoking 3-4 turkeys Monday; a friend of mine wants to celebrate Canada Thanksgiving.  The question I thought of is about the brining.  I know what happens during the brine.  Would it be ok to brine 2 birds at once in the same brine?  I'm worried that the salt/flavor would get into one and not the other or them taking turns and drawing out the salt/flavor from each other.  I bet a longer brine would be fine, give it time to equilize.  Thoughts?
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I brine and cook turkeys every thanksgiving and I have put as many as 8 in a huge cooler we have at a time without any problems at all,they all brined fine and no difference between one or the other.2 would be no problem at all :)
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 Just as Tim said. what ever your cooler will hold is fine. I suggest brining for 2 days, just make sure you check to make sure there is enough ice through the process to keep at a safe temp. Everytime, I have only needed to add one bag of ice after 24 hours...except when we lived on the mountain, I didn't have to add fact, if it wasn't for the salt, I may have ended up with a frozen bird.
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