How do I freez a turkey

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I have a small problem. My son is going to butcher two turkeys this weekend. He has 1 tom about 22-25 lb. and one hen about 14-16 lb. I will be smoking the hen for thanksgiving.

The problem is the tom. He wants to freeze it and wants to vacuum-pack it so it won't freezer burn. We can't find any vacuum bags large enough to hold the bird.

Have any of you out there delt with this in the past? If so how should we proseed?

Thanks for any help. Charlie
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They sell those space saver vacuum bags at Walmart and such in the housewares dept. Those should be large enough. Or they sell those XXL ziplocks bags.

But if there was no reason to keep it whole, I would just part it out and seal the individual pieces. It'll freeze faster too.
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My son wants to keep it whole so he can cook it for some shindig he is having in the spring. Do you know where I can find the XXL vacuum bags? I have looked all over for bigger bags but can't find them.

Thanks Charlie
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Charlie, like tek465 said- wev'e used the xlarge bags that are made for clothes, etc. for storage (WALLMART) unless you can find the xxl food storage bags! Btw how have you been doing? - PAT
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Thanks for the help guys. Roy (my son) is going to try the vacuum clothing bags.

 Hay Pat, I'm doing real good. I 'm Having everyone over for Thanksgiving again this year 21 pepole. I will be doing two turkeys one smoked and one roasted. Someone else is bringing the ham. My house will be hoppen that day.
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