I need a custom bra made!

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It's not for me of course. It's for the Jambo. Those little rocks are starting to put some chips on it when I tow.

So if any of you know of anyone who does custom covers or custom auto bras let me know. It should be a piece of cake for someone. It's just a rectangle more or less.

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Jay, you have a guess at dimensions??  I know a few boat tarp guys in "boat capital of the world" Havasu who might be able to whip something up cheap and easy..

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#2 - March 15, 2010, 08:26:47 pm
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Plenty of upholstery shops in town. Craig's over on 19th Ave. did some work for me when I worked at Jeepers.  I found a place in downtown Phx, too; though right now, I can't recall the name. And plenty of cheap upholsterers up and down Van Buren, ro Broadway; and likely thru the middle of Mesa.
#3 - March 16, 2010, 11:20:35 pm
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If you don't already have one...  My father in law does upholstery...  We are in CA, but he is very reasonably priced and I am sure will hook it up.

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