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Westcott BBQ Grills Trailer Build, santa maria style

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Westcott BBQ Grills is building a trailer for a customer in Hawaii.  8)
Here are some pictures from this past weekend, got some work done on the trailer and the newest addition to my machines, 4x4 plasma table that ive been working on to get up and running to cut out my parts and custom logo's for custom orders.
The grill is a santa maria style pit, split cooking screen, woven wire mesh for cooking screens, gear boxes with 10:1 ratio for easy raising and lowering, all flanged bearings are used for the cross shaft that will with stand the heat and are 100% serviceable for long lasting, 13" stainless steering wheels for the gear boxes, diamond plate dressing around the entire grill, a built in step around the fire box, removable front hitch, chrome 15" tires and wheels, and a custom logo with business name across the uprights of the pit.
Ill try to post pics as i get them, thanks and happy grilling!!

Ive also added a few pics of my new toy ;D


ok, got all the pictures re sized....

Wow.  Running a plasma machine in a residential area. I got kicked out, My chop saw was way too loud for my nosey neighbor. Been contemplating getting a home with a shop. Wonder how hard it would be to get three phase brought in.  Zoning would be rough I bet.  I bought a 5 x 10 plasma been awesome but super dusty. My table is a down draft removes 90 percent of the fumes.  Good luck on your machine.  If you decide to use anti splatter to cut down on slag. W-40 or Pam works great and is cheap. 

I hear ya on the neighbor thing. I've gotten very lucky with my neighbors out here. Everyone on my street loves what I build and has always shown interest in my projects and heck, half the time I'm fixing for building something for them as we'll. I'm now looking to move into a shop just cause I'm running out of room and I'm getting super busy with builds I'm needing a bigger place to build my stuff. AZBBQGRILLS, love your stuff your building! I see your in Tucson, do you know bill shank? He and I are both from Santa Maria ca. Really nice guy!


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