Need help choosing a BBQ pit/ smoker on a budget

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I have been studying BBQing and wanting to get a BBQ/ smoker around 700-less but not sure on what kind to look into. I really like the pellet s,overs and Charcoal because I feel I get the best flavor. Any suggestions?
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If it were me I'd buy a 22" WSM or a drum. Save the money for meat to cook.
#2 - February 16, 2016, 09:44:43 pm
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What is a WSM
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Weber Smokey Mountain. I have been competing since 2009 and started on WSM's. I've been through offsets, stickburners, pellets, etc. and today I compete on 2 drums, a little GMG pellet grill, and a 22.5" WSM.
#4 - February 17, 2016, 08:25:28 am
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My first smoker was an 18 1/2 WSM and I love it and still use it. I also have a pellet I picked up a couple years ago which I use allot (lazy now). I get better flavor from my WSM.
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I have never had the privilege of cooking on a WSM.  I do hear they are great.  In fact they top the list on this website:

In fact, for $700, you may even be able to get a WSM and a BBQ Guru DigiQ (
#6 - February 19, 2016, 07:08:51 pm

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Another combination to keep under your $700 budget is the PIT BARREL COOKER ($300) and a Weber 22.5" kettle. The PBC will do everything the WSM can do. I also have a Lang 36 but I use all 3 depending on what I'm cooking (chicken on the Weber, ribs in the PBC, Brisket and other big stuff in the Lang). If I'm lazy and don't feel like firing up the Lang I use the PBC. The pellet is convenient and easy to use (set it & forget it) but I prefer a stick burner. 
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I am totally bias.

Got my first WSM over a decade a ago. It is where I stear anyone that is starting in the hobby.

They are sturdy, consistent, and easy to learn on. There is also a large amount of resources online to cut down on your learning curve.

I would start with the 22.5. There is a smaller one but after a couple of years most people want to move to the bigger one anyway.
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