How many grills do you have?

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Okay so most people who know me, but don't really understand my love for the game, always asked me why so many grills?

So how many do you have?

I have a Santa Maria, an offset stick burner, a Traeger, a weber kettle, and a Kamado Joe. I also have a Blackstone large top griddle, and of course the typical cast iron and Dutch ovens.
So 5 grills. And a flat top.
I love them all but my favorite is the Kamado Joe.
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DesertQ BBQ

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Right now, I have 3 Hunsaker drums (1 true / 2 home-built), a Pit Barrel Cooker, a large pellet cooker (Grilla Grills Silverbac) and a smaller one (GMG Davy Crockett) for travel, a PK Classic, a small Blackstone griddle for traveling, and my Weber gasser. And on the hunt for what my next cooker is going to be. I have a long way to go to match up with Ed Reilly - the sales rep for B&B Charcoal. According to many, he has a Guinness Record for most BBQ Grills at 850 total!
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