"Inset" Firebox Smoker: Quick, Cheap, and Easy

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Randy Drwinga

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I wanted to find a better way to use my propane grill for smoking.  It came with a little smoker tray, but it's difficult to get going, and then it burns out too quickly.

So I got a cheapo mini grill from Wally-world.  Cheaper than the one in the picture as mine has no hinges.  I didn't use the legs or handles, but used just the base, charcoal rack, and lid.  Then drilled more holes in the lid's right side.  Air/smoke/heat flows left to right up into the adjustable vents that came with it, through the "fire box", then out the new holes in the lid.  I removed a few of the grates from the big grill and the whole fire box sits inside the grill, and allows the big lid to close.

Put some aluminum foil at the top back area to keep the smoke in a bit longer and also help even out the temperature.  It can take a chimney of charcoal with some hard wood thrown in.   Get the grill up to 200'F lid closed on propane, chimney of started charcoal dumped into the small fire box, lid on the fire box, meat on the racks to the right, close grill lid. 

Need to brine the meat first to keep the moisture and improve flavor. Wait about 3 hours for half chickens or pork chops.  Don't need to add fuel, but can adjust the overall temperature with the propane.

Easy to set up and clean up.
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