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So here it is. A Gravity Feed Smoker (NON INSULATED). The smoker works great. The chute is 2 x 16 x 30 and will hold 30+ pounds of charcoal. Ted with BBQ Castaways has been testing and using the smoker and likes it. The first design went through many changes. The GFS System was mounted on the side. The smoker was mounted on wheels. The Smoker system worked well but was very awkward to move. We moved the GFS System to the rear and put the smoker on swivel casters. The improvement was finished today. Ted and I were very pleased. The smoker looks better and moves very easy

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Sorry for a probably obvious question - I see that the charcoal is gravity fed using the chamber in the back of the unit - gravity loads charcoal into the fire box - how does the fire not climb up the charcoal chamber?  How is the fire kept contained in the fire box? 

Maybe there is some type of baffle or something that keeps the fire in the fire box?

Looks pretty cool though - I'm sure it will cook for a long time and if you need more fuel - I guess the idea is to just drop some more down the gravity chamber and reload.
#2 - March 15, 2011, 07:44:31 am
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My guess...Regulate the air flow, it won't climb because the burnt ash won't support the weight of the unburnt so it falls as it burns.
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Correct. It has a fire box that heats the smoking chamber. The chute keeps feeding the fire box as it needs more fuel. the fire does not climb up into the charcoal chute. There is no need for a baffle. Really helps with those long cooks, specially with a large smoker. David has done a great job with the design.
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Same concept as a cigar oxygen is only allowed at the tip. The chute is sealed at the top  oxygen allowed only at the underside of the fire box. It's a cool concept. This particular set is based on the first attemp which we got to work very well.
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See below comment
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I have seen this in action works very well and sure does cook a lot of meat. Very nice job David.
#7 - March 18, 2011, 06:42:01 am
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