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Here she is. Nothing fancy. Hard to smoke in the cold. Coldsmoking hard to do in the heat. But we get by. I just made a few small mods to make things run a little smoother.

I raised the grate in here a bit with a shelf from an old fridge. Gives me much better air flow and i don't have to shovel out as often on those long, cold lonely smokefest nights.

I kicked the other "ideal" temp gauge to the curb as soon as i got this thing out of the box.

This little extension pipe really helps out. The heat and smoke don't just hit the lid and go rolling out. Brings it all down to just above top grate level.

I pulled out that bottom tray so i would have more space. I pop it back in when i do some Tuscan Chicken or light it up for a party to let the guests cook whatever.

And of course one of my best mods is this handy dandy lil poker do-dad. I originally made it to spread and scoop out ash build up on those long hauls. But i quickly realized its more of a Swiss army knife type thing. Its about 2ft long so i can stand back when i want to rake the coals to a pile or spread em out. Handy to slide the grates when they are hot. Heavy enough to split up BIG lumps. And in the worst case scenario i could use it to smash Zombie skulls.

About the only other thing i would do ( although a disposible foil cookie pan works ) is add some sort of diffuser in the main chamber. I can slide the grates away from the inlet to reduce that direct heat shooting up from the offset box. But full loads require the pan method.
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+1 for the Zombie comment
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low and slow baby, low and slow

s.475 passed baby! 


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