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Building Rotisserie Smoker

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I am now building the Rotisserie Smoker. I will post updated pictures as I go. If you have any questions or comments please reply. Pictures updated 06 Feb 2011. Doors installed and will be heading out of town for a couple of weeks.

I am using tools that I have on hand. I have a 5'x10' cnc plasma table and a Chicago Dries Krump Press Brake. The smoker will be 6 sided and each side will be 24" x 48" . The smoker will stand approximately 42 inches tall. It will be mounted on trailer much like a mule tuff or DP product.  Give me some input on what I have posted or if you have a better idea let me know.

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Mike (AZBarbeque):
David,  Great idea, sign me up for one right away.

For the shelf design, the most important thing is that they can hold one or two of the Full Pans.  If you can build it that it can hold them, then the meats will all fit as needed.  If each shelf could hold two of the full pans, that would make it very useful..

Also, make sure you create a very easy way to clean it out.  I small door on the bottom or side (Flush with Bottom) that enables us to go to a car wash and just power spray it out works best.

For the Trailer, make sure it can handle the weight of the smoker plus make it versatile so that tables, coolers & other item can go on it.   This way, owners don't have to take two vehicles loaded with items for the BBQ.

On the outside shelves, make them wide enough to also fit full pans and still have room to work.  18" shelves work great..

I'm sure I could go on all day with ideas & suggestions, as you start building it, maybe I could come down to Tucson & brainstorm with you..

Can't wait to see the final product.  Awesome that you are continually working on improving the designs & functionality...

Thanks Mike great input. What are the dimensions of a  full pan. The design with 4 shelves measure 18 x 44 the other measures 11 x 44. As for bottom clean out if I center crease it like the grill and out a 2 inch drain would that be adequate?

I find it fun to build. The smoker I just completed had some good improvements.

Mike (AZBarbeque):
The 2" drain is nice, but if you can do something wider, that works better.  The drain can get clogged at 2", but if you can't get anything to work better, then go with that.

On the DP's that I had built for me, I had them put a door on the side that was flush with the bottom, it worked great, pull into a car wash and just powerspray everything out through the door..

Not sure what the dimensions of the full pan are.  Any members have that info?  If not, I will look at one of mine and get you the measurements..

I would definitly be intrerested in one of the 6 shelf models.


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