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James Stanley

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 :question: Lokking for recommendations on commercial rubs? I have been experimenting with my own spice rubs and they have won me a couple small town competitions. But where i live its hard to get the spices i need in a timely manner so im looking for some ideas for on hand back up if needed. Also looking to try some other rubs out there for taste and variety!!??

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There are some great rubs out there.  Don't know where you live, but if you are in phoenix area go to BBQ Island in Tempe or Scottsdale.  They have a ton of the Comp style rubs and have it for sample too. 

I like Simply Marvelous rubs, Ployboy's,  Smokin Guns, Rod's Pellet Envy is good.  There are a ton out there, you just have to order it online.  Not too much of the stuff at the typical grocery store that is really any good.
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BBQ Island was going to be my suggestion too.  I sampled some maple and apple flavored rubs there and they were pretty good.  I do not remember the brand though.  I went to their website and could not order the rubs for shipping.  I might be missing something and just not navigating the site correctly.
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Swimmin in Smoke

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Check out Swimmin' in Smoke rubs! They are made with the freshest and finest ingredients.
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Mike King

James Stanley

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Awesome! I live a couple hrs away from the phx area and will be stopping in to check it out! Thank you for the advice!
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Awesome! I live a couple hrs away from the phx area and will be stopping in to check it out! Thank you for the advice!

Those are great recommendations above for finding different dry rubs, but I offer 1 caveat.

Tasting a dry rub sample without food, (i.e., sprinkling a little bit on your palm and tasting it with your tongue) does not always let you know the complex effect that particular dry rub might have on a particular piece of slow-cooked meat.  

For example, you may not enjoy the taste of a particular dry rub during tasting, but after that same rub has been working its magic on a piece of meat and interacted with that meat for hours during cooking, it may impart a more pleasing and subtle benefit that can't be known from just licking a dry sample :)
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