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John, I messaged you my number, give me a call early next week & let's see what we can make happen.
Upcoming Events / Re: Possible BBQ Competition in Tombstone this July
« Last post by BBQCZAR on Yesterday at 10:18:52 am »
I think people would be in interested,although 100 deg. bbq'ing is pretty hot though.
Upcoming Events / Possible BBQ Competition in Tombstone this July
« Last post by Punyjohn on March 20, 2018, 03:02:18 pm »
I own Puny John's BBQ in Tombstone and am looking for feedback on hosting a BBQ Competition either July 14th or 21st.  Event would be tentatively located at the Tombstone Brewing Company.  Temps here in July barely break 100.  We are thinking ribs & pork.  We will have a tasting session with a prize for people's choice.  Please give feedback if interested...
Getting to Know You. / Re: Getting to Know you Section
« Last post by Stuck-O on March 15, 2018, 09:58:45 am »
Welcome, Paul!!! 

New to the group myself. You're gunna love it!

There's not a map or anything, but make sure to join the AZBarbeque Facebook group. Any events that Mike or the Club is involved with usually gets posted up there. Then usually there is a post about it on this forum. Other than that, just keep your eyes out on Facebook. The world get posted on there!

Keep on Smokin'!
« Last post by wood River BBQ Team on March 13, 2018, 11:43:34 am »
There are many way to smoke a EASTER HAM. The following is what works for me.
Obviously, the most important ingredient is the ham. I prefer a spiral cut bone in "with natural juices" such as the Cook's Brand that can be purchased at Fry's or Basha's. The shopping list consists of Dijon Mustard, Brown Sugar, "Sweet & Spice Rub", Pineapple Juice & Aluminum Foil.
The smoker temperature is 275*. The cook time for a 9lbs ham is approximately 4 hours. The smoke is cherry /apple (hickory or oak is too strong and will overpower the flavor). The internal temperature is a MAX of 140*. Remember, the ham is already cooked and you're merely reheating it. Over 140* will cause the ham to dry out. Additionally, if you see the ham slices separate and curl up it's close to being done. A good quality digital thermometer is a MUST have for this cook.
Two hours before the cook I apply a rub of Dijon Mustard & a LIGHT dusting of a combination of "Sweet & Smokey" & brown sugar. Place the ham in the fridge.
30 minutes before the cook, remove the ham from the fridge. Prepare a water pan with a rack. The water pan does 3 things - it provides moist air in the cook chamber, it helps regulate & stabilize the temperature and provides a barrier between the heat and ham. Next, start the fire and bring the smoker up to 275*.
Cook Schedule:
0:00 - Place the ham flat side down on the cooking rack.
0:45 - Add smoke and mop with pineapple juice.
2:00 - Foil (tent), apply pineapple juice and cover tent.
3:00 or 120* internal - Open tent, apply pineapple juice. Glaze with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Leave tent open.
4:00 or 140* internal - Remove ham, rest it for 15 minutes. Slice & serve with BAKED BEANS.
                                                                              BAKED BEANS
I obtained this recipe years ago from the Lang Smoker's Forum. It was titled DUTCH'S WICKED BAKED BEANS. I changed some of the ingredients to suite my taste and the taste of some of my friends - who don't like beans. The original recipe called for bacon, diced onions & ketchup. I substituted sweet Italian ground sausage, minced onions, BBQ sauce and a splash of whiskey. I cook the beans in a cast iron pot along with the ham. Since the cook time for the beans is about 3 hours at 275*, place the pot in the smoker about 1 hour into the smoke. The internal temperature of the beans is 160* .
The shopping list is sweet Italian ground sausage (1/2 lbs), minced onion (1/2), Jalapeno diced pepper (1), Bush Baked Beans (55oz), pineapple chunks (8oz), brown sugar (1 cup), BBQ sauce (1 cup), dry mustard (1/2 tbs) & Bourbon Whiskey (splash).
Saute the sausage until brown and remove from pan. Saute onion, bell pepper and jalapeno until tender. NOTE: be careful with the jalapeno and dry mustard - you can add more HEAT later if desired.
Combine all the ingredients in the cast iron pot and place UNCOVERED in the smoker with the ham. If combination looks dry, add some BBQ sauce. Cook to 160* internal. An alternative method is oven bake in a aluminum pan at 360* for 1 hour.    

Getting to Know You. / Re: Getting to Know you Section
« Last post by Smoknmeat on March 12, 2018, 09:17:20 pm »
The name is Paul, I live in the Phoenix area. The reason I joined this site is to get more involved with the BBQ circuit. I have been BBQing for 5 maybe 6 years. The end product is phenomenal so I’ve been told. I have smoked several butts, shoulders, briskets, chickens and ribs. I am anxious to learn from you head pit masters so I can improve and learn new tricks. I currently have 2 22.5” WSM, 1 18.5” WSM, 1 14.5” WSM, 1 22.5” Weber kettle, 1 Weber smokey Joe, 1 Weber Genesis ll E410 gas grill. Also, is there a map of where the competition's are going to be or will I be able to get updated through email when they come available? 
I'm glad every time I get involved in hearing about this great comment. I will go researching to talk again.
BBQ Recently? Post Pictures and Tell us what you cooked. / Re: Mini birds.
« Last post by Godofwax on March 12, 2018, 07:23:17 pm »
As I have seen the issue of this kind of story as mentioned above, I might have brought a friend to help you....
We are still looking for people to help out at this event.

Please let us know if you are able to.
Smokers, Grills, Pitts & More General Discussions / Re: Summer Smoker Projects
« Last post by monicaheninusa on February 21, 2018, 09:27:54 am »
Great post.
Thanks for your share....
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