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BBQ Related Classifieds / Re: FS: Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker
« Last post by Yeller on Today at 04:55:06 am »
By happenstance will it be making an appearance at PIR?
Beef Recipes / Leg Of Lamb
« Last post by wood River BBQ Team on Yesterday at 01:42:35 pm »
Best lamb I ever tasted was in Australia and New Orleans. I'm trying to duplicate it on my smoker.  It's a nice replacement for a Easter ham.

Lamb is hard to find in Tucson but Costco and Sprouts carry half cut legs of lamb. I started with a 2lbs piece. I removed the netting, rinsed in cold water and patted dry and then wrapped with butcher twine. The twine helps insure an even cook otherwise some parts of the lamb will get done faster. I seasoned the meat 4 hours before the cook with veggie oil, rosemary, minced garlic, sea salt, black pepper, red wine vinegar and I plugged in some garlic cloves. The amounts you use are your own preference -- be creative. An alternative is Penzeys Lamb Seasoning 

Remove the meat from the fridge 1 hour before the cook. I cook the meat with the fat cap down because the heat source comes from below on a Lang and the fat cap protects the meat. Surface fat does not make the meat moister and does not penetrate the meat. In fact, if I cook it fat cap up, the fat just runs off and takes the seasoning with it. I don't bother seasoning  the fat cap because seasoning won't penetrate. I could remove the cap but I prefer to use it as a heat shield.

The smoker temperature is in the 250* - 275* range. I use lump charcoal and cherry/apple chunks for smoke flavor. Hickory or oak is too harsh. The meat is cooked over a water pan with a small amount of red wine (Merlot). I use a water pan on most cooks. The water pan adds humidity to the cook chamber and keeps the meat from drying. It also stabilizes and levels off temperature flucuations. Most importantly, water vpors condense on the meat and make it "stickey". Smoke loves that condition and adheres to the meat. I don't add smoke after 145* internal because the meat pores close at that temperature.  

I mop the meat every 45 minutes or when it looks dry. The mop is red wine vinegar, veggie oil, sea salt, black pepper, chopped rosemary, thyme & minced garlic. -- be creative with amounts. An alternative is Penzeys Lamb Seasoning.

I'm looking for an internal temperature of 138* to 140* (med rare to med) using a digital thermometer. Cook time is about 2.5 hours.

At the end of the cook, I let the meat rest about 15 minutes and slice it across the grain.

Serve with garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and corn --you'll think you were eating in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia!! 

Good Sam BBQ Showdown / Volunteers Needed
« Last post by Mike (AZBarbeque) on February 21, 2017, 02:50:35 pm »
Hey all, this event is really shaping up nicely.

We do need some Volunteers though who are available to help out on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

If you are available, please let me know.

Here's what we need.

Thursday, help setting teams & getting them what they need to get set up.

Friday, help with setting teams & getting them what they need to get set up, helping with the appetizer party, helping to cook up some food for the AZBarbeque VIP area, helping with security for the AZBarbeque booth/VIP Area & the Judging Tent

Saturday - Help with the event, help with the AZBarbeque VIP Booth, Help with serving samples to the public, help with cooking for both the samples as well as Breakfast for the teams and then help with Awards.

If you think you would enjoy doing this, please let us know, we would love to have you join us.


OK, here are the Results after the 3rd BBQ Comp of the year.

Arizona's longest continually run BBQ Comp.

Freedom RV's BBQ Throwdown
Tucson, AZ 
February 17th & 18th, 2017
Results Posted
TOY Updated

Top 5 Teams as of today are:

3Dry 2 Da Bone

As you can see we have movement all over.  Lots of new teams jumping into the mix.

Still time to get registered for this weekend's Inaugural Good Sam BBQ Showdown.

Good Luck!!
Good Sam BBQ Showdown / Re: INFO THREAD
« Last post by Mike (AZBarbeque) on February 20, 2017, 09:57:05 pm »
I was out at PIR today doing a Walk Through.

It's going to be a great weekend and a great event.

I encourage everyone to come on out, even if you are NOT Competing or Judging.

We would love to show Good Sam that our BBQ Community can support a great event like this.

Hope to see lots of you out there.
BBQ Related Classifieds / Re: FS: Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker
« Last post by Piper on February 20, 2017, 07:33:41 am »
I'm located in North Phoenix, feel free to call/text and we'll set something up. Weekends are best. 702-523-6836. 
Upcoming Events / Re: Smokey Hayes "Porkin' on the River" BBQ Competition
« Last post by Smokey Hayes on February 20, 2017, 04:49:31 am »
The stage is set for the 6th annual Smokey Hayes "Porkin' on the River" BBQ Competition to be held at the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in Laughlin Nevada March 3rd & 4th!
We have Teams coming from as far as Georgia for this event and New Mexico, Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada!
Friday we will be open to the public with no admission charge and teams will compete in the "One Bite Beef Challenge" for a winner take all competition!
Saturday will be the main event and entertainment and gates will open at 10:00 am.
 People's Choice will start at noon and we suggest that you be there early to avoid the lines. BBQ Sample tickets will be sold in $10.00 lots only. $10.00 will get you 5 sample tickets and 1 voting chip to cast your vote for the best BBQ.
Come on out and support this wonderful event which raises money for our local "River Fund Charity" and the "Laughlin Rotary"! Money will go to local Cancer Patients, Student Scholarships and Teacher Grants!
We hope to see you come out and eat some of the best BBQ in the Tri-State area and support your LOCAL charities!
 Admission - $2.00
Freedom RV 2017 / Freedom RV 2017 Results
« Last post by Mike (AZBarbeque) on February 19, 2017, 08:46:56 pm »
Here are the results from this past weekend's BCS BBQ Comp out at Freedom RV's 16th Annual Hometown BBQ Throwdown

Congrats to all who came out, competed & braved the elements. 

Thanks to all our great Judges, Sponsors & of course. Freedom RV Inc. for continuing to support BBQ here in Arizona. What a great group of people, great company & lots of great RV's.

Overall Results:
Reserve Grand Champion -  Knife Pork and Spoon
3rd Overall - Smokin with Swag

4 Kiss of Smoke BBQ
5 Crazy Pig BBQ
6 Big Fire
7 Loot N' Booty BBQ
8 All About Smokin Q
9 Cloud of Smoke BBQ
10 Roughstock BBQ
11 Lip S-mac'n BBQ
12 Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ
13 Del Sol Casino
14 DJ's Smokin' BBQ
15 Brushfire BBQ Co.
16 Your Behind BBQ
17 No Clue BBQ
18 BBQ Island
19 AZ Rad Ribs
20 Biggs BBQ
21 BBQ Bullies
22 Root'N Toot'N BBQ
23 Grace Under Fire
24 Whiskey & Swine
25 Freedom RV
26 Fat Frankies BBQ
27 Que Loco
28 Stop, Drop & Roll BBQ
29 Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.

Chicken Results:

1 Lip S-mac'n BBQ
2 Bad Boyz BBQ
3 Crazy Pig BBQ
4 Biggs BBQ
5 All About Smokin Q
6 Roughstock BBQ
7 Big Fire
8 Loot N' Booty BBQ
9 Whiskey & Swine
10 Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ
11 Smokin with Swag
12 Brushfire BBQ Co.
13 AZ Rad Ribs
14 Del Sol Casino
15 Root'N Toot'N BBQ
16 Grace Under Fire
17 Knife Pork and Spoon
18 Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
19 BBQ Island
20 DJ's Smokin' BBQ
21 Freedom RV
22 Your Behind BBQ
23 Cloud of Smoke BBQ
24 Kiss of Smoke BBQ
25 No Clue BBQ
26 Fat Frankies BBQ
27 Que Loco
28 Stop, Drop & Roll BBQ
29 BBQ Bullies

Ribs Results:

1 Brushfire BBQ Co.
2 Bad Boyz BBQ
3 Kiss of Smoke BBQ
4 Knife Pork and Spoon
5 Cloud of Smoke BBQ
6 DJ's Smokin' BBQ
7 BBQ Island
8 Big Fire
9 Crazy Pig BBQ
10 No Clue BBQ
11 Loot N' Booty BBQ
12 AZ Rad Ribs
13 Grace Under Fire
14 BBQ Bullies
15 Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ
16 Freedom RV
17 All About Smokin Q
18 Roughstock BBQ
19 Del Sol Casino
20 Lip S-mac'n BBQ
21 Smokin with Swag
22 Biggs BBQ
23 Root'N Toot'N BBQ
24 Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
25 Fat Frankies BBQ
26 Your Behind BBQ
27 Stop, Drop & Roll BBQ
28 Whiskey & Swine
29 Que Loco

Pork Results:

1 Bad Boyz BBQ
2 Smokin with Swag
3 All About Smokin Q
4 DJ's Smokin' BBQ
5 Cloud of Smoke BBQ
6 Your Behind BBQ
7 Kiss of Smoke BBQ
8 Big Fire
9 Loot N' Booty BBQ
10 Knife Pork and Spoon
11 Whiskey & Swine
12 Grace Under Fire
13 Roughstock BBQ
14 Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ
15 BBQ Bullies
16 Del Sol Casino
17 Fat Frankies BBQ
18 Freedom RV
19 BBQ Island
20 Crazy Pig BBQ
21 Root'N Toot'N BBQ
22 Brushfire BBQ Co.
23 Biggs BBQ
24 No Clue BBQ
25 AZ Rad Ribs
26 Lip S-mac'n BBQ
27 Que Loco
28 Stop, Drop & Roll BBQ
29 Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.

Brisket Results:

1 Bad Boyz BBQ
2 Knife Pork and Spoon
3 Del Sol Casino
4 Smokin with Swag
5 Roughstock BBQ
6 Kiss of Smoke BBQ
7 Lip S-mac'n BBQ
8 Crazy Pig BBQ
9 Your Behind BBQ
10 No Clue BBQ
11 Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ
12 Loot N' Booty BBQ
13 Cloud of Smoke BBQ
14 Big Fire
15 All About Smokin Q
16 BBQ Bullies
17 AZ Rad Ribs
18 Root'N Toot'N BBQ
19 Biggs BBQ
20 BBQ Island
21 Que Loco
22 Brushfire BBQ Co.
23 Whiskey & Swine
24 Stop, Drop & Roll BBQ
25 Fat Frankies BBQ
26 DJ's Smokin' BBQ
27 Freedom RV
28 Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.
29 Grace Under Fire
BBQ Related Classifieds / Re: FS: Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Offset Smoker
« Last post by Yeller on February 19, 2017, 06:25:11 am »
Piper where can I see this dude...
Good Sam BBQ Showdown / Re: INFO THREAD
« Last post by Mike (AZBarbeque) on February 16, 2017, 12:58:34 am »
I talked with the Maricopa County Health Department today & they said we only have 4 teams who have gotten a Health Permit to do samples out at this event.

4 people doing samples will NOT cut it.  Come on all, we are trying to make this a reoccurring event and the only way to do that is to make the sponsor and the public happy.

The entire reason Good Sam is sponsoring this event is that they are trying to give the RVers coming to the show something cool & hip to do.  Just walking around smelling the BBQ isn't what they are looking for.  IF we can't support the event, they won't support us.  If we can step up and help make the event a success, then next time they will just do BBQ Vendors and not a comp.

They have about 1500 RVer's already registered for this event.  That means a lot of people will be coming through our area after smelling this great BBQ all night and they will be looking for Samples.

The Charity is sending out a group to run the ticket sales and they have also been promoting the event.  Please consider doing the samples out there.  It's good for your future business, it's good for our Sponsors, it's good for our Charity, it's good for the Public and it's good for securing this event again in the future.  Green Mountain has donated a Smoker and we have several other prizes donated for the people who buy sample tickets, so they are really committed to making the sampling a success.  Please do your part to make it a success as well.

You HAVE to get your permit by this Friday or the price goes up.  Don't miss out, please step up and let's make this event as good as we can.  The weather is predicted to be amazing, so cook up some BBQ & interact with the public and the folks at PIR and Good Sam & let's see if we can secure more events out at PIR and out at more Good Sam Rallys. 

Next item, each team will be getting 6 wristbands for the event & 2 parking passes.  If you need more parking passes, just let them know when you check in at the Will Call Trailer as you arrive.  They have your Team name & head cook name.  Check in there, get your credentials & then they will direct you where to go.

Lastly, don't forget about the Appetizer Party on Friday night.  Once again, this is something Good Sam is looking forward to, so let's make it the best one yet.  We have lots of great prizes for the Appetizer party, so don't miss out.

Safe Travels & we will see you all soon.
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