Pro-Q versus Weber Smoke Mountain

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Appreciate the offer Mike, but I'm in MoTown.  In fairness, I probably should say that much of the time I used the Pro-Q was Fall and even Winter, with cold outdoor temperatures - never used it thru a full summer.  Maybe that was part of the issue?
Couple notes:
1) Much Harder to control temps in MoTown in the winter than  in AZ
2) Run it without water, see how that works for you.
3) I have run a proQ with a stoker to get those 6-8 hour burns.
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With 5 WSM's (18's & 22's) and three Pro Q's in the immediate family...I would go for WSM overall...  The 18's holds temp forever! The 22's take a bit of watching to get through a complete cook (6 to 10 hours)  The Pro Q's have given me fits, but I do like the clamping ability of sections. 

So now we have regulated them to what we call "The Golf Ball's"... top & bottom section only for direct cooking at comps for dinner & super hot "whatever" which I love!!!  Weber should follow with clamps and the ability to stack top & bottom directly..  The other part I was amazed at was the the finish of Pro Q's faded very bad, and very quickly (paint compaired to baked porcelain??). I have heard they are changing or have changed this outer covering??

Now...the big $$$ comes in to play... a Pro Q is much cheaper than WSM and for some that will be a big factor...

My 2 cents worth...
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I always used a water pan with both stackers that came with the unit.  Used regular Kingsford charcoal briquettes.  Filled the basket to the top with a bit of a hole in the middle, where I'd pour a full chimney of lit coals.  Not sure what you mean by fuel source.
My bad, fuel source and fuel type...same meaning.  As for that water pan, are you adding water or any liquid to it?  Try it with no water, and see if you have better results.  IMO, liquid of any sort in the water pan adds little if any moisture content to the end product and just makes your fuel work harder to maintain temp.  Just my opinion and you'll find a lot that disagree with the idea of a dry water pan.

You might also consider losing a stacker if you are doing a cook that will allow you to get all the meat on one grate.  We've found on the two occasions that we have cooked with 3 stackers, that the top stacker was highly inefficient.  Regardless of how many stackers you utilize (well, at least 1, 2 or 3...never cooked with 4), it seems that the grate level temp has a differential of about 10-20 degrees, top grates being the cooler.  In short, if we dont need an additional stacker to hold additional meats, we don't use it.

You also might want to try using some aluminum tape to shut down air entry around the doors.  We have done this on occasion when it has been windy or cold.  Works like a charm and really adds that "white trash" aspect to your cooker.   ;)

As for the Pro Q's paint fading...that's one of the few drawbacks that I haven't been able to work around.  Ours still cook great, they just don't look great.  I've been really lucky to not be afflicted by the prettier/bigger/better smoker syndrome. 
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Thanks a lot to everyone for some great feedback - as always I've learned some things.  Since "hands free" / long cooks (Pork butt) is a definite requirement of mine, I'm going to buy a Stoker regardless.  But I think I'm going to try again with the Pro-Q (lump charcoal, single stacker, dry water pan) before putting money into a Weber that I might not need to spend.
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Ditto on not using water.  I switched to using a clay saucer (like you would put under a flower pot).  It is around 16" diameter and I just wrap it in foil.  Some folks use lava rocks and some use sand.  I had used sand, but it ened up getting pretty gross from drippings leaking under the foil I put over it.  And it was a pain having to keep replacing the sand.

The only time I use my BBQ Guru pit minder is when I want to get the temps up over 250.  Otherwise, I just adjust the vents one time and forget it.  I usually end up with two bottom vents completely closed and one maybe 1/4 open (top vent always open).
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little late to the party, but I'd have to say that for the money I spent on my ProQs I've been pretty happy.  Not the most successful on the circuit be we hold our own cooking our pork and brisket on ProQs.   I own WSM's too and we use those for chicken and ribs at events.   I've cooked in 28 degree weather on my ProQ and a homemade smoker cozy kept us at 230 without a problem.    We're all about an empty water pan and only 2 stackers.  I've never raised the charcoal basket, but have been known to reach in with tongs and give the basket a shake half way thru a cook.  we use a mix of hardwood lump and kingsford as the hardwood burns with less ash and the kingsford seems to keep it all burning smooth.

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Well said... That's the cooker I use for brisket. I will get a 22 soon but the ProQ has been a decent investment  ^-^
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Well said... That's the cooker I use for brisket. I will get a 22 soon but the ProQ has been a decent investment  ^-^
Decent investment???  Dude, I was giving those things away.   :D

I should have charged you double.  ;)
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I love animals.  They're delicious!
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That's how it all started for me Crash... Now look, 30+ comps under our belt and I have the biggest liver in AZ  :D :angel:
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That's how it all started for me Crash... Now look, 30+ comps under our belt and I have the biggest liver in AZ  :D :angel:
There are a few on here who'll argue with you on the liver thing....not ME, but...
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There are a few on here who'll argue with you on the liver thing....not ME, but...

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Me Too ;D
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