Stuffed Spareribs?

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Here's a space saving idea for doubling racks of ribs on small smokers!


It sounds like an awkward operation, but this technique makes it easy:

1. Use two racks of St. Louis style spareribs, with bone sides facing each other (membrane removed).

2. Racks of ribs are best positioned wide end to tapered end.

3. Stuff space between rib racks with homemade bread crumbs (buttered and toasted to prevent sogginess) mixed with tart apples, sweet prunes, and a handful of seasonings.

4. Place twine pieces about 3 inches apart and tie racks securely together to form a log.

5. Season outsides of racks with your favorite rub.  Smoke or roast as usual.
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cool  8)
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Sounds mighty tasty :P
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