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Does anyone have any recommendations on what variety and where to purchase good quality ribs for smoking? The last batch I tried I purchased from Albertsons in the vacuum locked packages. The taste of the ribs was good but the meat itself was really not good at all.
I was thinking about trying The Pork Shop out in Queen Creek but that's not real convenient. Any other suggestions?
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I have not been to these places yet but I will try soon.  Midwestern Meats or Van Hollens, both have websites
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We've used the Pork Shop in the past and they have good ribs....
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Don't know your location, but all 3 of the previous recommendations posted above are located in the East Valley (Midwestern Meats, Van Hanson's, and The Pork Shop).

Those 3 are definitely great suppliers, BUT another super quality option located close to central Phoenix is Hobe Meats, near 16th street and Bethany Home Road.
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I'd go with Hobe. Tell them Major Woody's sent ya!
#5 - June 06, 2010, 12:45:43 pm
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Van Hansons is pretty good.  If you go there try their hot dogs; off the hook!
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Sam's Club sells Prairie Fresh in cryovac, unadulterated. Smart and Final sells unenhanced cryovac ribs also. No membership fee there. One at 35th and W. Northern. Iffn you join KCBS, you get a discounted Sam's membership, and access to Restaurant Depot.
#7 - June 07, 2010, 09:11:03 am
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I live exactly in the middle of the Pork Shop and MidWestern.  You can't go wrong with either.   I also concur that the hotodogs at MidWestern will make your knees buckle...............I picked up two racks of babybacks today from babyshop and they are gorgeous.
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The last ribs I bought at Hobe Mears were enhanced.  I want to love that place considering it's one mile from me but they just don't excite me.  Restaurant Depot is great for spares, St Louis, and baby backs.  Every now and then their St Loius ribs are enhanced.  Those are the same brand as the ones I bought at Hobe but much much cheaper.  When I go to a butcher, it's always Midwestern Meats.  Costco has good baby backs as well.
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Many of the pork products at RD are the same brands as at Sams Club. Safeway carries Swift Premium minimally processed, too. And the back ribs always look very meaty!
#10 - October 02, 2011, 08:24:08 am
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I don't recall the name of the shop but they're right beside ninja tippanyaki restaurant (which I also recommend) and oasis bedromms in Chandler, they have a nice selection of meat, rubs, etc.
pork shop rocks too!
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Why not just buy the pig...problem solved.  ::)
#12 - August 12, 2013, 07:28:45 am
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