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Ok, here's the scoop:  My girl's family asked me to slap down dinner tonight for the family.  The said they'd provide the meat.  Lo n behold, they got us a 7 1/2 pound pork loin!  Oy..., I thought, last time I tried that I bungled it badly, had to quarter it and grill it for last 20 minutes on direct medium heat.   

This time, I had a better plan....or so I hoped.  I cut it in half so I could use indirect heat from my humble Igloo gas grill.  I seasoned that puppy with some mccormick smokehouse maple blend that I had left over with a bit of weber's sweet n tangy rub, modified and fortified with my own extra spices and tender lovin.  Grilled the meat at a variation of 300 to 400 hundred degrees for an hour before I dialed it in to 350 for two hours.  Flippin here and there, not too often, I waited and smoked and drank coffee and waited and smoked and drank coffee and....the moment of truth.

I know its taboo to cut your meat but I did anyway.  I had to check and be sure.  I cut the fattest piece of the two.  WHITE MEAT! JUICY! WHITE JUICY MEAT!! It is done!!

As I type this, it is resting on my 175 degree grill as I prep my famous garlic/cheese taters.  Had to share with you guys, for me, its like Xmas in July!!
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