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So I picked up a Pork Butt. A 9.2 Lb.
Trim off some fat.
Mixed some juices
lemon with Pineapple and Orange.
Added 4 cloves Garlic and about 1/2" Ginger root. Chopped.
Bring to boil and strain out.
Injected some of juices in Pork.
Covered Pork with Yellow mustard and wrap in foil.
In the ref. for about 1.5 hrs.
Started the pot grill with grate on.
Placed Pork in foil on grill and rotate every 15 Min.
Removed after 1.5 hrs. Removed grate and put Pork on spit.
Stoked fire and waited.
When the fire would flare up, I used the rest of the juice and moped the Pork.
When I did this... the smell was so sweet.. 8)

Kept this up for another 2 hrs and 15 min.
Removed at 159 and wrapped in foil. After about 25 min. it was up to 167.
Sliced some of it for dinner. the rest will be shredded for sandwiches.
My wife says this is the best so far.  ;)
She got me the fire pit/grill for my B-day and we love it.
Had to make my motor work with the hand crank spit.. but all is well.

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