Kalua pig for the mainland

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 You dont need an imu to make good kalua pork. You dont even need a whole hog...but it doesn't hurt to have one either.  This requires a little time making phone calls to some florists or gourmet food stores though.
 The hard to find items would be hawaiian ti leaves and banana leaves. Only other ingredient is hawaiian red salt. The salt could likely easily be found at AJ's. May want to call Ono Hawaiian in Phoenix. I hear one is there now!!! They may already know where to get the leaves.
 Well on further thought I will try to get a hold this next week if noone else does and see if I can a source there.
  Anyway. All you need is a pork butt or whole shoulder. Rub down the pork with the salt. If doing the whole hog, rub inside and out. Wrap the pork with ti leaves overlapping the leaves a couple inches. Wrap in a banana leaf and cook as you would for pulled pork. Serveing options would be with white rice, lomi lomi salmon, poke, and poi.
  Further recipes coming soon
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Wow, that would be an original taste for pulled pork...I bet that is one tasty meal.  Very interesting wrap, it's got to be better than foil ;)

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