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Pleasant Harbor Results

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Wow, what a great event.  Thanks to all of our great Sponsors who helped make this event happen.

Thanks to all the great teams for coming out & supporting this great event.

Congrats to Roughstock BBQ on their first GC.  Very Cool.


1Roughstock BBQ894.9992
2The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ882.4986
3Lip S-mac'n BBQ880.7487
4Fat Frankies BBQ880.4958
5Knife Pork and Spoon878.7459
6BootCamp BBQ877.5002
7All About Smokin Q877.4994
8Sweet Pete's BBQ877.0024
9Bad Boyz BBQ876.4986
10Moodswing BBQ869.4950
11Fire & Desire868.0064
12Steel City BBQ861.2545
13Loot N' Booty BBQ859.2409
14Your Behind BBQ853.2481
15Dock 5 BBQ851.4990
16Rockledge BBQ848.7451
18Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ841.7507
19Family Traditions BBQ839.4850
20Big Rack BBQ834.2421
21Burnt N'z BBQ830.4962
22Bigcat BBQ818.7451
23Like To Smoke Meat816.0016
24Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.814.9996
25Az Beer Belly BBQ811.2445
26ButtHead BBQ796.7607
27Tex's Smokehouse on Wheels796.2449
28Troby Bros. Barbeque794.7575
29Smoke 'N Tadpoles784.2505
30Root'N Toot'N BBQ782.2369
31Five-O BBQ759.2417
32Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse755.7583
33Fat Boy BBQ549.7463
34Pitstop Smokehouse468.9972


1Bad Boyz BBQ231.0020
2The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ229.9996
3All About Smokin Q229.2505
4Steel City BBQ227.0036
5BootCamp BBQ223.5022
6Roughstock BBQ223.5014
7Loot N' Booty BBQ222.9960
8Fire & Desire219.5038
9Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ217.7527
10ButtHead BBQ217.0036
11Bigcat BBQ214.2509
12Like To Smoke Meat213.7451
13Family Traditions BBQ213.2489
14Knife Pork and Spoon211.0024
15Sweet Pete's BBQ210.7491
16Your Behind BBQ210.0000
17Az Beer Belly BBQ208.2485
18Fat Frankies BBQ207.2473
19Rockledge BBQ206.7511
20Burnt N'z BBQ204.9996
21Troby Bros. Barbeque204.2509
22Lip S-mac'n BBQ203.9984
23Moodswing BBQ203.9980
24Big Rack BBQ203.7459
25Dock 5 BBQ203.5022
26Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse202.7527
27Tex's Smokehouse on Wheels202.2565
28Root'N Toot'N BBQ199.7467
29Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.193.9984
31Smoke 'N Tadpoles189.2513
32Five-O BBQ184.7471


1Lip S-mac'n BBQ231.0016
2BootCamp BBQ226.7511
3Fat Frankies BBQ225.2529
4Roughstock BBQ225.0000
6Moodswing BBQ223.2493
7All About Smokin Q221.0020
8The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ221.0016
9Your Behind BBQ220.4958
10Dock 5 BBQ218.9984
11Rockledge BBQ218.2489
12Steel City BBQ217.7523
13Fire & Desire217.5006
14Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.214.2501
15ButtHead BBQ212.2565
16Big Rack BBQ211.7511
17Knife Pork and Spoon210.4962
18Bad Boyz BBQ209.7471
19Az Beer Belly BBQ207.0040
20Root'N Toot'N BBQ206.7507
21Like To Smoke Meat206.0016
22Smoke 'N Tadpoles204.9996
23Family Traditions BBQ204.9900
24Loot N' Booty BBQ204.2509
25Bigcat BBQ204.2505
26Sweet Pete's BBQ203.9972
27Troby Bros. Barbeque203.7551
28Tex's Smokehouse on Wheels199.7475
29Burnt N'z BBQ197.9964
30Fat Boy BBQ192.7531
31Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ190.0000
32Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse181.0024
33Five-O BBQ179.7471
34Pitstop Smokehouse169.2505


1Roughstock BBQ237.0036
2Sweet Pete's BBQ234.7563
3Knife Pork and Spoon234.7471
4BootCamp BBQ231.2545
5Fat Frankies BBQ229.2505
6Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ225.7491
7Rockledge BBQ223.5022
8Bad Boyz BBQ221.4986
9Bigcat BBQ221.0016
10Loot N' Booty BBQ218.2489
11Lip S-mac'n BBQ217.4998
12All About Smokin Q216.7507
13Fire & Desire216.0020
14Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse215.5054
15Moodswing BBQ215.0004
16Steel City BBQ213.2497
17Five-O BBQ210.7491
18Tex's Smokehouse on Wheels210.2429
19Big Rack BBQ209.2509
20Your Behind BBQ209.2509
22Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.208.5022
23Dock 5 BBQ206.4986
24The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ206.2449
25Family Traditions BBQ205.2441
26Burnt N'z BBQ203.2497
27Root'N Toot'N BBQ197.7435
28Like To Smoke Meat194.5038
29Troby Bros. Barbeque193.7547
30Az Beer Belly BBQ191.4982
31Smoke 'N Tadpoles184.9996
32ButtHead BBQ181.7519
33Fat Boy BBQ178.2489
34Pitstop Smokehouse148.9980


1Lip S-mac'n BBQ228.2489
2Sweet Pete's BBQ227.4998
3Moodswing BBQ227.2473
4The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ225.2525
5Burnt N'z BBQ224.2505
7Knife Pork and Spoon222.5002
8Dock 5 BBQ222.4998
9Fat Frankies BBQ218.7451
10Family Traditions BBQ216.0020
11Fire & Desire215.0000
12Bad Boyz BBQ214.2509
13Loot N' Booty BBQ213.7451
14Your Behind BBQ213.5014
15All About Smokin Q210.4962
16Big Rack BBQ209.4942
17Roughstock BBQ209.4942
18Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ208.2489
19Smoke 'N Tadpoles205.0000
20Az Beer Belly BBQ204.4938
21Steel City BBQ203.2489
22Like To Smoke Meat201.7511
23Rockledge BBQ200.2429
24Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co.198.2489
25BootCamp BBQ195.9924
26Troby Bros. Barbeque192.9968
27ButtHead BBQ185.7487
28Five-O BBQ183.9984
29Tex's Smokehouse on Wheels183.9980
30Bigcat BBQ179.2421
31Fat Boy BBQ178.7443
32Root'N Toot'N BBQ177.9960
33Twisted Hog's Grillin Posse156.4978
34Pitstop Smokehouse150.7487

Kids Q:

1Troby Bros 2 Katie
2Littlest Loot
35-0 BBQ
All other kids were 4th.

1st Place – Your Behind BBQ – Kyle Matuszewski
2nd Place – Pat’s Balls – Pat Davis
3rd Place – Like to Smoke Meat - Bryan Jones
1st Place – Hibbs & Crew Pirate BarBQ – David Hobbs
2nd Place – Arizona Red's BBQ & Catering Co. – Preston Ream
3rd Place – Fire & Desire – Raul Morales
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Awesome event Mike! We had a blast and are looking forward to next year! Congrats to Justin and Kristy on their first GC and Steve form the Pit Crew AZ for RGC and all who walked!

I am proud to say that 8 of the top 10 teams are Loot N' Booty BBQ Class Alumni! Great showing everyone!
#2 - February 02, 2018, 08:51:15 am
Loot N' Booty BBQ
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