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Purchased a Traeger 075 from Ken at Gourmet Grills and he was great to deal with. Delivered the grill the same day and assembled it for me right on the back patio. Super nice guy and gave me a great price for what I got. Have had some outstanding cooks on the Traeger already.

Highly recommend Ken and Gourmet Grills.
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Thats what I have a I really like the fill it up, turn it on, put the meat on and go to bed feature. Life don't get any easier than that.
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You will not find better prices or better service than Ken will offer.   And the Traeger are great too!
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Ken is a great guy and one of our great Club Sponsors.  He has been around since the beginning and has always been a HUGE Club Supporter.

Post up some pictures of your new toy...

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