Seems to be Corn In my Branch Creek Pellets?

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I was loading some Branch Creek Mesquite mixed with Oak Pellets tonight and noticed quite a few of the Oak Pellets had a lot of chunks of yellow in them. On closer inspection It sure looks like corn to me. I looked at the bag and it says all natural hardwoods with no fillers. Anyone else had this mysterious yellow compound? I put some in a baggy and will take to a chemist friend who might be able to figure it out. 
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Thom Emery

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ash content on this brand was too high for me to use on the FE 1000
All up in the food yuck Maybe it was just crispy corn flakes  ;)
#2 - August 22, 2010, 06:23:41 am
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You are right about the ash Thom, it does make a mess. Their flavor is inconsistent from one bag to another and will probably try something different. Hope to pick up a few bags of the cookshack 100% hickory to try.
Could be corn flakes :-\, should know the results Thursday from my buddies lab. Sure looks like feed corn to me!
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maybe the rabbit didn't digest everything completely, therefore leaving you with contaminated pellets. hahahaha
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low and slow baby, low and slow

s.475 passed baby! 


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Hey Guys. Haven't heard about corn in the Branch Creek pellets. Fast Eddie just released a 100% Hickory Pellet, that we stock. FE also has a competition pellet blend that's 60/40 blend of Oak/Hickory. There is NO soft wood filler in any of the FE pellets. All FE pellets come in 20lb bags. AZ Barbeque price is $16.95 for the Comp Blend, and $19.95 for the 100% Hickory.

Come down and pick up a bag. We've got a pellet reward program, so pick up a pellet card. Buy 12 bags and the 13th is FREE!


BBQ Island
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Thom Emery

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There is a good deal indeed
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Great deal, Thanks BBQ Island...
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Michael J. Reimann
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To all of those reading this post I would be very leary of all posts that put down the reputation of any ones pellets in the way this one does.

My name is Marc and I do all the pelleting for Branch Creek Pellets.  When done with a run of pellets, we flush the pellet die with corn, about a quart of it.  This allows easier start up the following run.  All wood pellet manufacturing does this with some kind of substance that is easy to break-out the following run.  If there was corn in the pellets then there shouldn't have been that much as we have a lever that is thrown so it doesn't go into the finish product.  It is highly unlikely that these pellets got into the finish product - if there was then there would be a very small amount that got by. 

Another reason to be leary about "brandon's" comments is that we don't have the information he claims on our bag.  He says: "I looked at the bag and it says all natural hardwoods with no fillers".  We don't have this on our bag - we say "Pure Wood-No Additives", this is all our bag has said for years.

To me, this post was obviously started to denigrate our product.  For years we have a competitor that posts extremely misleading or outright false information about our product(s).

At Branch Creek, we consistently release only high quality pellets.  If you have any questions about our products, please give us a call.  Also, our website explains a lot about our pellets, what we do, and what other don't.  It is

Thank you,

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Hello Marc,
 First I want to welcome you to the forum, it is full of ideas and information sharing among some great BBQ friends. Great to have your knowledge and expertise aboard.

I had forgotten about this thread and never did post the findings from my friends lab and it was corn as suspected. I dont remember the strain he concluded as it does not matter. There was not a bunch but it was in two different bags of Your Oak Pellets. My original post was to ask if anyone else had noticed the yellow in their pellets and was in no way a strategic plan by your competitor but rather my personal quest for the best pellet to fit my taste and needs. To be honest I did place 2 calls to Epp Farms to ask the same question as to content and each call was answered by a machine which the messages left were never returned by Epp Farms.

I use about 20 bags per month and have tried many different brands and flavors in my quest for the best for my needs and still have 20 or so bags of your Apple and Cherry for specialty cooks. These combined are the best I have found for Goose and Duck and the Apple is nice with Lamb. Every brand of pellets has pros and cons from aroma to ash and heat issues. I used to use Branch Creek Mesquite for my competition cooks but found that each bag had different aroma intensity and each bag seemed to burn with different intensity and even the pellets length would be different from bag to bag. I think they are good but I chose a more consistent brand for my competition cooking making my heat and flavors more consistent.

Again, my intent was to find out what was in my bags of Branch Creek Pellets and to ask if others had noticed corn in their bags. I am not associated with anyone making pellets nor was I attempting to denigrate your products as you stated. I am just an end user who questioned what I noticed in your product. Best wishes and welcome to the forum!  
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Thanks for posting here Marc, we do appreciate your input.

I can personally vouch for Brandon and tell you that he is a BBQ competitor and a caterer/vendor.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Brandon is in no way affiliated with any pellet company and I truly believe his intent was nothing more than a request to gain some information from the fine people on this forum.

Happy Holidays to you yours and best of luck with your business in 2012.
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I love animals.  They're delicious!
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