Papa Murphys Pizza on the Green Mountain Grill

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I picked up a Green Mountain Grill from Jason Baker (area distributor) a week ago or so and have done a few cooks on it so far. My 1st Papa Murphys pizza was a fail as I cooked it too hot and burned the crust. Chocolate chip cookies the same night fail. I burned the bottom of the cookies as well. Since then I have done beer can chicken and burgers with great success. I haven't taken the time to do ribs or any smoking yet.

Last night I decided to give the Papa Murphy's pizza another try. This time I cooked at about 360 degrees for around 15 - 16 minutes. I turned the pizza a quarter turn every 4 - 5 minutes. The results were outstanding and the pizza was perfectly cooked for my taste. The crust was nice and crispy with that wood fired taste.

I'm loving the Green Mountain Grill. Highly recommended and super easy to use.

Here's some pics of the cook.

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Pizza looks great...
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Looks Great.......Nice job
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Pizza looks really good, I love cooking them on my Traeger. The next time I cook pizza I will have to get one from Pap Murphy. It's all trial and error learning to cook on a new smoker. Practice Practice and Practice
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Great looking cooker & pizza.  Congrats on your new purchase.

Look forward to seeing more pictures of it in action.  I have heard good things about those cookers.

Have Jason contact me or PM me his info if you would..  THX..
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