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Green Mountain Grill - Jim Bowie

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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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So excited to try out this new Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie Model.

I have a few really big Catering Gigs coming up and was looking to add capacity.  Not sure if I wanted to purchase another smoker or now.  I have a brand new FEC 100, 2 Big Drum Smokers & Penelope our Treager Pig Pellet Smoker.  I love them all.

So I got lent this Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie model to use and I'm looking forward to trying it out next to these other smokers I have.

It's a great size smoker that goes between the FEC-100 and Penelope, so I should be able to use it for a lot of my small to mid size catering gigs.

I'll post up some pictures & details as I get to using it.

Anyone else use this model?  What's your thoughts?  Tips & Suggestions?
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