First cook on my Yoder 640.

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Burk Forsythe

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My dear wife is my biggest critic. She told me I am officially out of the dog house for buying a new smoker.  She said the pork butt I cooked today was the best I have done and actually asked why I didn't buy it sooner!!  I decided on 250* for this cook and the Yoder held that solid for the entire 9 hour cook.  It burned about 16 lbs of pellets. The balance of smoke, pork, seasoning and tenderness were spot on.  But the coolest thing about it was I could watch football all day and not worry about feeding the stick burner.  I will always love my Horizon pit because she was my first but the Yoder makes cooking a whole lot more fun.  I am really looking forward to some solid practice sessions on the Yoder.
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Any pictures to share??
#2 - November 04, 2013, 01:03:04 am
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Brian (B&C BBQ Crew)

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NICE WORK, I guess im old fashion, still love adding those sticks. Have a Lang being built right now.
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Nice work and congrats on the Yoder, great smokers.  Football is important!!
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I love animals.  They're delicious!
VRM Pit Crew


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Glad you finally got it if ya have any questions let me know ;D
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Burk Forsythe

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Pix of my first butt on the 640!

I LOVED the smoke ring on the butt.  My concerns about not enough smoke are gone forever!
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wood River BBQ Team

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NICE WORK, I guess im old fashion, still love adding those sticks. Have a Lang being built right now.

What Lang model are you purchasing and when will it be delivered? If you make your Lang as air tight as you can, as I have, you'll find they hold temperature very well and your fuel consumption will be low. For example, I cooked a 12lb turkey last week for 3.5 hours. I started with a full basket of lump charcoal and added about 5 coke can size chunks of hardwood plus a couple of handfuls of lump and maintained a temp average of 285*.
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