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This Thanksgiving my dad (who is a certified gadget freak  ;D) picked up a new Brand spanking new BIG EASY by Charbroil!  Each year for the last I would say going on 10 years we have deep fried a Turkey.  I will say this before I go to far...I love deep fried turkey.  It is just pure awesomeness!  Anyway...deep frying a turkey while not incredibly difficult is not really the easiest or the cleanest or the safest thing in the world.  In all the years we have been deep frying turkey we have had no issues, besides an expanding waistline, what-so-ever.  But now we have an issue...over the last 3 or 4 years the number of grandchildren around has increased to the point that keeping them out of the oil has become as big a job as actually cooking the bird.  Ok I may be exaggeration a little but they is no exaggerating the danger or the cost of the oil.  Some people say that canola oil works just fine but we have used peanut oil and love the taste but it is not the cheapest of cooking oils. 

The BIGEASY to the rescue!  No oil to buy so no hot oil...the danger level has been decreased.  ;D

One smoked ham, one smoked turkey and the BIGEASY turkey!

All in all the BIGEASY turned out a very delicious bird.  Was it as good as deep fried??  Yes it was as good and as crispy as a deep fried bird.  It was not the exact same as a deep fried bird but it was very good.  Another thing that is very nice is that you can crisp the skin as much as you want by regulating how long you leave the lid on! Pretty cool!  Clean up was very easy and we had the drippings to add to the gravy.  Will I deep fry another bird?  Yea more than likely but not anytime soon the BIGEASY is just too....EASY!!!

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Mike boils his ribs....pass it on.


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Very nice looking eats ya got there. I like any thing that says EASY.
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Mark Smith
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That is what I specifically looked for in college, things that were EASY.  8)

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See how they are??  Straight to the gutter with their thoughts... Geez.... Glad I'm not like that.  :P

Had not heard of the Big Easy before, but it does sound like a great alternative to deep frying.  I will have to check it out.

As always, great review and pictures.  GREAT JOB!!
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What are you talking about, I am just lazy and like EASY.   ;D

 Costco had these things, almost bought one just because.  $150.00 os so at Costco.

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Saw this thing at the Albuquerque hot air ballon fest a month ago, it was a big hit with the crowd.  They were smart and gave away free turkey and chicken samples.  Nicely built too.
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