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We specialize in apparel and we also have thousands of other promo items. I offer a discount for any AZ BBQ members since I am one of you! Let's keep it in the family! Email me if you want any quotes or check out our site

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Cool Travis.  What's the typical turn around time for 10 shirts?  Do you do embroidery?  Turn around time?
#2 - January 23, 2012, 08:20:32 am
14' R&O offset
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do you print direct to fabric?
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We do indeed print direct to fabric. We have a fancy schmancy automatic Austrian press so we can thousands of shirts per shift if needed.

We can turn 10 shirts around very fast depending on the color and size and if we have it in stock. Less than a week still even if we are out of stock. We work closely with an embroiderer and can get better prices than you could walking in off the street generally.

Although we print whatever you need we specialize in American made stuff. I have some pretty cool deals on koozies going right now too. One sided print on a collapsible koozie for under $200 for 250 koozies.
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