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Good, basic video tutorial and article. I've been going to Schreiner's since I was a kid. Everything they make is swell. Get a nice sack lunch with your choice of several sausage on a bun with chips and pop for $5. You can enjoy it at a table under a big tree whilst smelling the fumes of traffic whizzing by on 7th St. 8)

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Mark Motta
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been making my own sausage for a while......come out to less than $2/lb and much better. LEM has some great spice mixes too if ya don't want to make yer own, the brat mix is great and I use beer instead of water for the slurry. I make chorizo and the best part (apart from the superior flavor) is there is no grease in the pan after frying. great vid on just how easy it is to make.....thx mark.
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