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Greetings to all,

I work with metal and have a little shop in Mesa. I mainly got the shop of course with intentions of starting my own fab shop which I've wanted my whole life but honestly just needed room so I can actually employ my tools with room my garage didn't offer. At first I did whatever would bring a dollar in, whatever I can do put value into something and turn a buck. I got a 60 gallon air compressor tank for almost nothing and set out to build a smoker out of it. After selling it and moving on to custom building from scratch and getting positive feedback from people who have seen my work, I figured why not take something you enjoy to the level. So here I am. I am currently building a 4ft vertical for personal use. I look forward to learning and meeting new faces within the community.
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Please post photos of some of your builds. We'd all love to see 'em. :)
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Do you do costum work off a design idea?
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Welcome to the insanity!
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I tell ya, my wife's cooking is so bad the flies pitched in to fix the screens!


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