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Hi guys and gals,I am new to this forum.I have recently joined the AZBBQ assc.and look forward to meeting some or all of you.I have been smoking and BBQ'ing for about 15 years now and up until now have been using the WSM and the Bar-B-Chef,now looking towards getting a trailer unit and doing some competeing and maybe some catering type deals.I will be going to some up coming events and hope to meet some of you there.Happy smoki'n everyone !
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Hi guys and gals,I am new to the forum .I have been smoking,grilling and BBQ'ing for years I have been using the WSM and Bar-B-Chef,doing mostly backyard cookouts for family and friends.I am now seriously considering one of the diamond plate smokers,looks like it would be perfect for what I want  to do which is get into some competitions and bigger BBQ gatherings/events and maybe some catering.I hope to make it up to Taylor and meet some of you great people and also look forward to doing some competing as well.I own an electronics company in Phoenix,thats what I do fo ra living and for relaxing,well,of course BBQ'ing !! Glad to have found the site . 
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Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Welcome, Great to have you on here.  Hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to meeting you at some of the upcoming events.  We will have several Diamond Plate grills cooking at both the Taylor event as well as the Lake Pleasant Event, so you should be able to get a good idea of how incredible these smokers are.

Jump on in and enjoy the site, we have lots of great members on here with some great BBQ knowledge.


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Very cool this a a great group of folks
We Welcome you
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and a few of us igorant 1's

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Thanks everyone,hope to meet all at the Lake Pleasant event or maybe before at Taylor if I can make it up there,been very busy at work here as of late and hard to get away !
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