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Hi everyone...

I'm going to do something I wouldn't normally do on forums, but I'm not only going to unceremoniously introduce myself, but we're also going to introduce you to the newest fun in barbecue.

I am Wolf Kuhlemeier, and I live in Lubbock, Texas.  But, I'm Arizona born, and miss the warm suns of Scottsdale.  My family and I are here in Lubbock, but my heart is back in Sun Devil stadium wishing I was near the greatest fans in America.

I'd also like you to check out our website for my company.  We'd love to see what you think about us.  Come on by and look around.  Register and get to know us better.

I hope that the spring is wonderful and the summer...well, I know it will be hot.

Thanks for allowing us out of towners to come by and say hi.
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Wolf Kuhlemeier
Texas Car-B-Q

Mike (AZBarbeque)

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Welcome to the site Wolf.  Wish you were back here with us Sun Devil Fans as well.  We do up some incredibly fun tailgate parties and really have a great time out there at the games.  If you ever get back into town during the season, please consider yourself invited out to any of our tailgate parties going on, we would love to meet you and share some BBQ with you.

I took a look at your web site.  Very cool concept.  How many of those have you built?  Do you have any more pictures? 

I hope you enjoy the site here, we do have a great group of members and lots of lurkers, so I'm glad you jumped in and introduced yourself. 

Hopefully we get to meet you soon at one of our great events.

Hope to hear some of your BBQing experiences and see some great BBQ photos.

Keep on QUEing... ;)
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Michael J. Reimann
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Welcome aboard !! Glad to see you on the forum.This is a great forum run by Mike (AZbarbeque)and has alot of great people.We have alot of big BBQ competitions coming up in the state of AZ this year and continuing  on so maybe we can get you back over some time to the sunny ,warm,dry, valley of the sun ! Good to hear form you,always glad to see new members  ;D
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We are currently in process on four new grills.  Two of them are 1957 stationwagons that we're converting to double burners.  We will be travelling with them, and who knows, I've contemplated a "Tailgating Tour" that would send us around the country.  We are in Big 12 country, so we'd likely hit those schools first, but I might convince the crew that Tempe in November is a pretty good place to be!

In the meantime, the pictures are coming as we will be posting new projects on our site, so you can keep up with progress, and we'll also be updating our Hall of Fame with new grills, people, places and things barbq or car related!

Hope you'll also drop in to see us there, and I'll do my best to keep myself close to the AZBBQ forums!


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Wolf Kuhlemeier
Texas Car-B-Q


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Welcome to the board, new myself.  By the way Go SunDogs!!!
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Welcome Wolf & Rab,

Things just keep getting bigger and better around here. The Year of the Pig is going strong..........

Glad to have you guys aboard ;D
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